The Evergreen Amazon Affiliate Guide For Beginners [ Latest 2018 ]

Do You Want To Make Amazon affiliate links faster? Read The Whole Article Than.

Do you want to earn money doing Amazon affiliate marketing??

P.s: I am Sure You Want To, Isn’t It?

Well, Everyone wants to earn money and grow their business online. Affiliate marketing is one of the major ways you can earn money online. But affiliate marketing is full of People who work a lot and thus get a good payout from Amazon, Flipkart and other shopping sites in India. I will post all the tips you can use to earn money online and grow your business in a good ratio. I will cover all the things in this quick blog post.

And you will end up learning Amazing Tricks Such As:

  • How To Create Amazon Affiliate Account.
  • How To Make Links Faster. [ Faster Because There are Lightning Sales On Amazon Or Any other Shopping Sites]
  • How To Engage More People.
  • How To Promote Your Affiliate Links Without Posting On a Website, Isn’t It Great?

Are You Excited?

So Without Further Ado Lets Get Started 🙂

First Let’s Understand what affiliate means, An affiliate is a Mediator between the seller and the buyer.



1. How to create Amazon affiliate account?

To create an Amazon account you must have an email/phone number, But to create an Amazon affiliate account and to Make Amazon affiliate links faster you Must have

  • Email.
  • phone number.
  • PAN card.
  • Bank account.
  • Blog, A website (You can make a free one from blogger/WordPress), make sure you write some posts (minimum 5) before applying for an affiliate account.
  • Another National identity such as Aadhar (Not much important).


Now when you have all of the things I mentioned above, you can easily make an Amazon affiliate account.

Just visit here

Enter your account details if you have one, or else make a new account.

Enter the required information and confirm the details before submitting.

Once you submit your data. You will be straight away able to make affiliate links.

2. Make Amazon affiliate links faster (On Desktop)

Making Links on desktop/Pc is a lot More easier than making it on the phone.

Trick To Make Amazon affiliate links faster 🙂

To make affiliate links faster you can enable the site strip on Amazon website that is located on the top of the site like a horizontal bar which looks like

Now once you have enabled the site strip you can make Amazon affiliate links faster than ever and earn more.

To get the Link you’ll have to just click on “text” button on the site strip and copy your affiliate link and share it with your followers.

Hence you can now Make Amazon affiliate links faster.

3. Best method: Make Amazon affiliate links faster (On Android)

You cannot carry your desktop everywhere, suppose you are traveling somewhere and someone asked you to suggest a good earphone. Now you need to Make Amazon affiliate links faster and send it so that you can earn some profit.

To Make Amazon affiliate links faster on phone I use a browser developed by my friend SparklingApps

Download the browser from here (Don’t worry it is completely ad free and easy to use)

Once you have downloaded it Just do this tweaks in the settings

Setting-General setting-Homepage-(Amazon. in)

Setting – browser settings-enable java script (tick)

(untick) :
Setting-browser settings-Enable images/Load pages with previews/Log Js logs

Remember to clean cookies from time to time in the settings

Once you have done all this you are good to go and this lazy slow browser will now work faster and you can now Make Amazon affiliate links faster.

The good thing about this browser is that it opens all the links in desktop mode and we have disabled the images in the settings to it will also work if you are using 2G. So you can Make Amazon affiliate links faster on your android device.

4. How to engage more members?

Now Make Amazon affiliate links faster and send it to the ones need it or post it where more people will see it. So that you earn more profit.

you will have to connect and make a community on the available social of people who frequently buy pieces of stuff online and are in need of good deals.

When you reach a number of Make Amazon affiliate links faster and earn good amount of commission from Amazon.

5. How to promote affiliate links without posting on a website?

Amazon Affiliate is only for those who have a blog/website so that you can promote them on the site and then they will pay you some Percent commission.

But you can always cloak the links to your affiliate link an Amazon affiliate links faster such as if someone wants a product named “XYZ” and the link of the product is “Amazon. in/product/XYZ” so you can add your associate(affiliate)-ID (&tag=associate-id)  after the product and Make Amazon affiliate links faster, Without visiting the site on desktop and without visiting the site on phone as well.

So cloaking will help you Make Amazon affiliate links faster and will lead you to earn a lot more.

6. should i cloak my affiliate links?

Clocking the links won’t help always Because sometimes the tracking of your associated-ID is not tracked by the site, which leads to a loss. so always copy the link you have cloaked, to check whether it is working or not.

Cloacking eventually will help you Make amazon affiliate links faster and thus it will save your time and lead you to earn a lot more money.

Hope i cleared all the doubts i will post the other techniques for snapdeal and Flipkart Soon on Stay tuned and keep reading.