35+ BEST FinTech Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best FinTech twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you are at the right place. The FinTech industry is growing and evolving at a fast pace. To cope with its sudden upliftment, it is necessary to have recent news, updates, and information on the subject readily available. But, it can be challenging considering the busy lifestyles of individuals. Amongst all the hassles, the easiest way to have all the insight into the FinTech industry is by following the top influencers.

Twitter is considered to be one of the most trustworthy platforms for finding the “right” leader for yourself in the FinTech industry. However, with multiple FinTech accounts on Twitter, you can have confusion in getting to the most suitable one. Thus, we have compiled a list of 35+ Best FinTech Twitter Accounts that you can follow today to know everything about the industry!

BEST FinTech Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for FinTech Category

Trickypedia uses its criteria to rank Twitter profiles for FinTech Category. Trickypedia considers retweet ratio, activeness on Twitter, and influence on the FinTech industry as the major parameters, and it then ranks Twitter profiles accordingly. Let us understand each of these factors in detail.

Retweet Ratio

The retweet ratio is the percentage of retweets on your Twitter handle. The retweet ratio signifies your activity status on Twitter. The more active you will be on the platform, the more likely you can explore various profiles and then retweet the most significant tweet.

Activeness on Twitter

Trickypedia gives a better ranking to those profiles that are active on Twitter in comparison to those who tweet once in a while. Thus, to increase your ranking according to the Trickypedia parameters, you should keep on tweeting quality content now and then.

Influence on the FinTech Industry

Only the tweets that are valuable and informational for your followers and the ones that highly influence the FinTech industry will be considered legit for ranking your Twitter profile as the best. To ensure that, you are supposed to upload insightful tweets related to the FinTech industry. 

FinTech Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

I hope that after going through the article, you will be able to ignite your insight regarding FinTech, and you will be able to understand the reason behind the excessive growth of the industry. The list of the best FinTech Twitter accounts will guide you to keep up with the latest developments and changes that are brought in the industry with time. 

Also, this list of the best FinTech accounts on Twitter will help you narrow your search to find the best leaders that can enhance your knowledge on the subject, and you will be further assisted in excelling in your skills on FinTech. You can completely rely on these Twitter accounts to get all the news and necessary information about the FinTech industry. 

Since these Twitter accounts are managed and run by professionals, there is no doubt that you are going to get the best of the FinTech industry by following these accounts. With these Twitter accounts’ assistance, consumers and businesses can manage their financial processes quite well by bringing technology to the utmost use. 

As a new business person, you can always trust these Twitter accounts to improve your insight on financing and mamanageccurately in your business. Some of these Twitter accounts also provide knowledge of artificial intelligence and encrypted blockchain technology. These accounts will end up helping you in having more secure transactions too.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the top 5 FinTech accounts to follow on Twitter?

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Mike Quindazzi (@MikeQuindazzi) 153K
Chris Gledhill (@cgledhill) 84.8K
Jim Marous (@JimMarous) 97.1K
Andreas Staub (@andi_staub) 67.7K
Spiros Margaris (@SpirosMargaris) 126K

2. Who is the most followed FinTech account on Twitter?

Mike Quindazzi (@MikeQuindazzi) is the most followed FinTech account on Twitter. Presently, he has 153K followers, which continues to increase because of the informational content that he shares on his Twitter handle. As per Onalytica, he is amongst the top 10 FinTech influencers. Also, he is a keynote speaker on technologies and related matters.

3. Which is the best Twitter Account for FinTech news?

Andreas Staub (@andi_staub) is the best Twitter account for FinTech news. Having 67.7K followers, he is usually the first one to inform his followers of all the news and information related to FinTech. So, following him means getting all the updates in no time.



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