35+ BEST Tai Chi Masters’ Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for the best Tai Chi Masters’ Twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you’ve arrived at the right spot. The role of a Tai Chi master is both rewarding and challenging. They guide students through ancient movements, cultivating mind, body, and spirit harmony. This profound path is only for some, as it requires overcoming many hurdles and honing skills to the highest level. If you’re passionate about Tai Chi, you should follow the social media accounts of many distinguished Tai Chi masters. They’re filled with useful information and insights that could aid your journey.

Twitter has a user base running into hundreds of millions. Many renowned Tai Chi masters are highly active on Twitter, regularly posting educational and accessible tweets for their followers. Twitter is an essential platform for getting real-time updates, but it’s crucial to follow the most successful masters. Hence, we have compiled a list of 35+ Best Twitter Accounts to follow for Tai Chi enthusiasts.

Best Tai Chi Masters’ Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Tai Chi Masters Category

Trickypedia utilizes a combination of three self-developed criteria to gauge the rank a profile holds on Twitter. These criteria are Retweet Ratio, Twitter Activeness, and their influence on the Tai Chi sector. Maintaining these efficiently will surely elevate your ranks.

Retweet Ratio

The first criterion is the Retweet Ratio—Trickypedia factors in your retweet ratio when determining your rank. Retweet Ratio is the number of retweets on your Twitter account compared to your tweets. A higher retweet ratio will secure you a higher rank.

Activeness on Twitter

The second criterion is the level of activeness on your account. The more active you are, posting educational and engaging tweets, your rank will increase. It would help to consistently tweet about your experiences and wisdom from your Tai Chi practice. Using Twitter’s 280 characters effectively will help you gain higher ranks from Trickypedia.

Influence in the Tai Chi Sector

The third and most significant factor is the influence you create on Twitter. Creating influence on Twitter is achievable. It would help to tweet about topics your followers can readily understand and relate to. The more influence you create, the higher your ranking will be.

Best Tai Chi Masters’ Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

I believe the list of the best Tai Chi master’s Twitter accounts to follow will help you understand more about the Tai Chi journey and how to progress on your path. The better accounts you follow, the more profound knowledge you can acquire. This will help you understand how a Tai Chi master trains, the commitment needed, and the challenges you may encounter.

These masters are quite active on Twitter, providing detailed insights into Tai Chi. Their insightful content will help streamline your search for the best Tai Chi masters’ Twitter accounts to follow. It will undoubtedly act as a catalyst in enhancing your practice and deepening your understanding of Tai Chi.

Twitter is one of the best mediums for gaining more knowledge about Tai Chi. The significant advantage of using Twitter accounts for learning is that acquiring new skills doesn’t cost a penny. Hit the follow button and check their Twitter accounts daily for more insights into this discipline.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who are the top 5 Tai Chi Masters’ Twitter Accounts to follow?

Master Chen Bing (@ChenBingTaiji) 75k
Master Yang Jwing-Ming (@DrYang) 120k
Master Wong (@masterwongtv) 50k
Master Jet Li (@jetli_official) 1.2 million
Master Bruce Frantzis (@EnergyArts) 30k

2. Who is the most followed Tai Chi master on Twitter?

Master Jet Li (@jetli_official) is the most followed Tai Chi master on Twitter. With a following of 1.2 million, he regularly tweets about Tai Chi’s wisdom that fans love. Jet Li strives to provide valuable content to his followers, from health benefits to philosophy.

3. Which is the best Twitter Account for Tai Chi news?

Tai Chi Magazine (@TaiChiMagazine) is the best platform for all things Tai Chi. With 20K followers and a wide-reaching influence, their tweets offer comprehensible and insightful news to their followers.

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