35+ BEST Stock Traders Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best stock traders twitter accounts to follow?

If so, You are the right place. Stock traders twitter accounts are actual traders who frequently indulged in buying and selling stocks every day. For this reason, they must be aware of and well-informed about all the recent news and updates on the stock market and trade. Switching on the TV now can be a bothersome task.

Since Twitter itself has innumerable profiles for traders and stock marketers, the confusion regarding which accounts to follow for the best news and quick information is also an issue for many amateur traders . We have compiled a list of 35+ Best stock traders Twitter accounts to follow.

While it could be tough to understand the stock market and trade, these accounts help gather all the necessary information, news, and updates on the stock market and trade. A person new to the stock market can easily understand the concept by following these accounts.

BEST Stock Traders Twitter Accounts to Follow

User Followers Retweet Ratio Reply Ratio Avg Retweets

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Stock Traders Twitter Accounts Category

The parameters that Trickypedia considers for ranking Twitter profiles differ from those used by Instagram or YouTube. No matter the number of likes on your tweet or the massive list of followers you have, to be ranked by Trickypedia, you have to consider the following points-

Retweet Ratio

Your ranking on Twitter also depends on the retweet ratio. The retweet ratio means the number of retweets your tweet gets. If your tweet has quality, it will get more retweets, and thus your ranking will increase accordingly.

Influence on the Investment Industry

Your tweets should be influencing the investment industry for good. The content that you post should be relevant and value-oriented. It should benefit the viewers in the best way possible. Having done so, Trickypedia will rank your profile amongst the top ones.

Activeness on Twitter

To be ranked better than other rivals, it is always advised to be active on Twitter. It included daily tweets on important stock markets and trade topics. If done, you are likely to get a good ranking, as per Trickypedia.

Best Stock Traders Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

I hope this list of accounts will help you in investment, the stock market, and trade. If you are a businessman and are well aware of the stock market, these accounts will help you get any news from across the world in the least time involved.


The slightest delay in getting the news and the stocks are gone from the hands of a trader. A trader must be active and up-to-date regarding everything happening in the market, especially stocks. Thus, all the accounts we have talked of in this article can be really helpful in saving you at the last minute.

Also, suppose you are an amateur in the stock market and trade. In that case, there is likely a possibility that you will benefit from these investment influencers, as there is a lot that can be learned through their tweets and from the information that they share on their Twitter handle. You do not have to look for multiple sources to know about trade and the stock market.

Hopefully, these accounts will help you narrow your search for the best sources to get updates, news, and information on the stock market and trade. Simply following these accounts can be truly helpful in letting you make a wise decision on investment and related matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which are the top 5 Stock Traders Twitter accounts to follow on Twitter?

The top 5 Stock Traders to follow on Twitter are-

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Jim Cramer(@jimcramer) 1.9 million
Peter Brandt(@PeterLBrandt) 685K
Mohamed A. EL-Erian (@Elerianm) 580K
zerohedge(@zerohedge) 1.5 million
Paul Krugman(@paulkrugman) 4.5 million

2. Who is the most followed Stock Trader on Twitter?

Jim Cramer(@jimcramer) is the most-followed stock trader on Twitter, with 1.9 million followers. Jim cramer remains very active on Twitter. He is often regarded as one of the best traders. He is also one of the best-selling authors. His Twitter account offers you investment advice to become a better investor.

3. Which is the best Twitter account for stock trading news?

Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) is the best Twitter account for stock trading news. He has 685K followers and is regarded as one of the most influential personalities when considering the investment, the stock market, and trade. He has put his expertise and experience into his book “Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader ”.

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