35+ BEST Men’s Fashion Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for the best men’s fashion twitter accounts  to follow?

If so, you are at the right place. The fashion industry is evolving and becoming better each day. The ongoing and upcoming trends spread quickly as a fire, and you can simply acknowledge everyone following them! Everyone likes the best clothing suggestions and outfits to spice up their wardrobe.

But with so many different fashion trends and a lot of influencers on Twitter posting something or the other that’s new and unique, it becomes confusing to find the best one for you! So, here we are with a list of 35+ Best Men’s Fashion Twitter Accounts to follow.

Get to know about some amazing fashion influencers’ wardrobes, lifestyles, and routines. With these accounts on your following list, you are sure to look modest and handsome without spending too much on clothes.

BEST Men’s Fashion Twitter Accounts to Follow

User Followers Retweet Ratio Reply Ratio Avg Retweets

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for BEST Men’s Fashion Twitter Accounts Category 

We do not judge or rank profiles considering their followers or the number of likes their tweet gets. Trickypedia ranks Twitter profiles on the following basis-

Activeness on Twitter

Quite understandably, the more activeness you show on Twitter, the more likely you are to rank in the top profiles for men’s fashion on Twitter. Daily tweets on men’s fashion and sharing the latest trends are some ways to boost your ranking.

Retweet Ratio

As per Trickypedia, the retweet ratio clearly defines your ranking on Twitter. The more retweets your tweet on men’s fashion gets on Twitter, the better will be your ranking on Twitter. Thus, ensure to create good quality content and tweet accordingly. 

Influence on the Men’s Fashion Industry

Your Twitter profile should influence the men’s fashion industry. The tweets should be about fashion, clothing, wardrobes, and outfits. Also, to build a good profile, you should tweet about dressing sense and what looks good, etc. This way, you are likely to get ranked better. 

BEST Men’s Fashion Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

I hope the list of fashion influencers we have mentioned above will help you improvise and upgrade your wardrobe. Following these accounts on Twitter will help you to get dressed in a much better manner. It will surely help you feel confident about yourself because our clothes affect us a lot.

Moreover, I believe that the accounts we have discussed in this article will assist you in narrowing down your search. These accounts are going to be your messiah in understanding recent fashion trends. You will also know how to dress differently for different occasions and events.

Some of these accounts help enhance your closet, while others can be beneficial if you have to dress well with the bare minimum. These fashion influencers also provide you with an unasked sneak peek into their office and home casually. Thus, you can learn to design your interiors according to theirs, just in case you like the design on the wall!

Hopefully, the list of the best fashion Twitter accounts and the bios we have shared about them in this article will assist you in picking the right outfits in no time. I hope you would like to follow these accounts to get knowledge of the current fashion trends and design yourselves in the out that gives you the best outlook possible!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Which are the top 5 Best Men’s fashion twitter accounts to follow?

Twitter Handle  Followers 
bryanboy(@bryanboy) 526K
Scott Schuman(@sartorialist) 152K
Gear Patrol(@gearpatrol) 48.4K
Freshness(@freshnessmag) 29.3K
Tim Gunn(@TimGunn) 263K

2. Which is the most followed Men’s fashion account on Twitter?

 bryanboy(@bryanboy) is the most followed Men’s fashion account on Twitter, with 526K followers. He is pretty active on Instagram and often tweets daring fashion styles. All in all, he is funny and quite impressive as a men’s fashion influencer.

3. Which is the best Twitter account for Men’s Fashion news?

Scott Schuman(@sartorialist) is the best Twitter account for men’s fashion news. Presently he has 152K followers. He is a blogger and a photographer and is very active on Instagram. He mostly tweets about different fashion styles and uploads pictures, giving you ideas about office wear and casual outfits. 

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