35+ Best Nutritionist’s Twitter Accounts to follow

Are you looking for best nutritionist’s twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you are at right place. There has been a considerable enhancement in the requirements of nutritionists. COVID 19 has impacted our lives and changed our eating habits. You can rely on social media platforms to learn better about nutritious food so that you can keep your bones strong and safeguard your heart from diseases. Networking platforms are one of the most revered places for you to acquire numerous tips and information that will assist you in leading a healthy life.

Twitter has millions of active users; well-known nutritionists maintain some of these accounts. You should follow them as they dispense pretty significant information that you can understand effortlessly. You should follow only the best ones. So here we are with a list of 35+ Best Nutritionist’s Twitter Accounts to follow.

Best Nutritionist’s Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for the Nutritionists Category

Trickypedia uses three self-developed criteria which assist it in ranking distinct categories on Twitter. These categories must be followed if you want to attain higher ranks. These benchmarks are retweet ratio, activeness on Twitter, and influence of the nutritionist industry. If you maintain them, you will undoubtedly accomplish higher ranks. 

Retweet Ratio

Your retweet ratio plays a very significant role in determining your Twitter rank. After considering your retweet ratio, Trickypedia will rank you on Twitter. The retweet ratio is the number of retweets on your Twitter account as compared to the tweets done by you. The higher the retweet ratio you have, the higher rank you will attain.

Activeness on Twitter

Your retweet ratio isn’t enough for you to secure higher ranks on Twitter. The more active you remain on Twitter and the more informative and easy-to-recognize tweets you do, the higher ranks you can accomplish. Optimizing the 140 characters enables you to rank higher on Twitter.

Influence on the Nutritionist sector

The last but essential benchmark is your influence on the Nutritionist sector. Your account should be educational for the followers. The tweets should be full of facts and up-to-date information, which creates a phenomenal impact on the followers and, thereby, a good influence. It enhances your Twitter rankings.

Best Nutritionist’s Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

I hope that the list mentioned above of the best nutritionists’ Twitter account to follow will enable you to know the best diets to maintain your health. Suppose you are suffering from any kind of health disease. In that case, following such accounts will benefit you as they constantly update their followers about different conditions and how to deal with them. Even if you’re overweight, nutritionists will assist you in losing excess weight. Their consultatory services involve designing a perfect plan to align your health requirements with your objectives.

All these accounts remain pretty active on Twitter and consistently update their followers. Their tweets are full of instructions that enable you to gain valuable insights about health. You can acquire hundreds of facts from these nutritionists. One of the best ways of dealing with health-related issues is by contacting the best nutritionists. Their diets are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. 

Hopefully, this list of best nutritionists’ accounts on Twitter will reduce your search for the best medium to learn how to remain healthy and fit. You can learn all the measures while sitting at home only. The most significant advantage of following such accounts is that you don’t have to spend any money to learn from the best nutritionists on Twitter. You have to follow them and check daily if they have done any tweets. Following such accounts helps you to know the finest ways of getting fit.


Frequently asked questions

1. Top 5 most followed Nutritionists Accounts on Twitter

Name  Followers
Mark Sisson (@Mark_Sisson) 174.1K
Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) 6.2 million
Joy Bauer (@joybauer) 135.4K
Marion Nestle (@marionnestle) 142.4K
Chris Kresser (@chriskresser) 108.2K

2. Who is the most followed Nutritionist on Twitter?

Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver), with massive followers of 6.2 million, is the highest-followed nutritionist on Twitter. He constantly posts about the best quality food rich in vitamins, proteins etc. He also recommends those activities you can do to keep yourself fit. His tweets are quite informative

3. Which is the best Twitter Account for Nutritionists related news? 

Nutrition Bulletin (@NBU_Editor) is the best Twitter account to follow if you want to get all the details regarding the news about nutritionists. You can find a variety of tweets covering articles written by several prominent nutritionists. It is the best account to follow for the latest nutrition updates.

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