35+ BEST Astrologer’s Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best Astrologer’s twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you are at the right place.People are often curious to know what the future has to unfold for them or what is going to happen to their lives with the due passage of time. For that, they rely on newspapers or television to read about or listen to everything astrologers say regarding their zodiac signs. Some even spend huge sums of money to get personalized solutions to the existing problems in their life.

Astrologers have also set their huge base on social networking platforms, and Twitter is not saved from it. Twitter has numerous astrologers’ accounts that tweet daily horoscopes for all the zodiac signs, and some provide a paid service too. With enough accounts, there exist many fake ones. So, we have compiled a list of 35+ best astrologers’ Twitter accounts to follow that are trustworthy and do not catfish you at all.

BEST Astrologer’s Twitter Accounts to Follow

User Followers Retweet Ratio Reply Ratio Avg Retweets

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Astrologers Category

The factors that Trickypedia checks before ranking the best Twitter profile for the astrologer’s category are very different from others. Trickypedia has criteria that rank Twitter profiles based on retweet ratio, activeness on Twitter, and influence on the astrologer’s industry.

Retweet Ratio 

The retweets on your Twitter handle, which are the tweets done by other people on the platform, account for the retweet ratio. The more retweets you have on your Twitter handle, the better will be the retweet ratio will be and hence your ranking. 

Activeness on Twitter 

You should have a good activity status on Twitter for a better ranking in the list of the Best Astrologer’s Twitter accounts. Frequent tweets on astrology can help you to maintain your activeness on Twitter. With more activeness on Twitter, your ranking will be automatically increased. 

Influence on Astrologers Industry 

Lastly, Trickypedia analyzes your influence on the astrologer industry. It means that tweeting irrelevant stuff is not going to help you with the ranking thing. According to Trickypedia, for a considerable ranking, you should tweet something insightful and informative for the followers. 

Best Astrologers’ Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary 

I hope that all the astrologers we have discussed in the list above will save you from frauds and other fake astrologers who are just using social networking platforms to extract money from people. Specifically, suppose you do not have any prior knowledge or wisdom in the field of astrology. In that case, you can trust these astrologers on Twitter and have the best solutions to your problems.

No matter the kind of issues you are dealing with personally upfront, these astrologers’ Twitter accounts have a solution for everyone and everything. If you are not getting married, contact them. If you are having constant troubles in your family or facing a problem getting a job, trust them. All these Twitter accounts are really helpful in giving you the most suitable advice that you might have been seeking. 

Hopefully, these astrologers will pave an easy path for you to get rid of your issues. Everything from daily horoscopes to personalized tarot readings is available on the Twitter handles of these astrologers. They have built and maintained a good profile on Twitter. Not only this, but you are also going to find insightful information on astrology and related matters on these Twitter accounts. Simply following them would end your problems in no time for sure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the top 5 Astrologers to follow on Twitter?

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Astro Poets (@poetastrologers) 710K
Milk (@milkstrology) 387K
Astro Bebs (@astrobebs) 144K
k (@vodkastrology) 15.6K
Ashleigh D. Jay (@ashleighdjay) 13.2K

2. Who is the most followed Astrologer on Twitter?

Ashleigh D. Jay (@ashleighdjay) is the most followed astrologer on Twitter, with 13.2K followers. She is an active user on Twitter, a business astrologer, and a writer. She tweets regular updates on the moon’s phase and placement every night. 

3. Which is the best Twitter account for Astrology news?

Astro Poets (@poetastrologers) is the best Twitter account for astrology news. The tweets on the account are a fusion of fun and information. Most of the time, everything in astrology is mysteriously presented to the followers. With 710K followers, the account is managed by the poets Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov. 

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