35+ BEST Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for the best marketing twitter accounts  to follow?

If so, you are at the right place. Marketing is not only restricted to buying and selling goods. It includes a lot more. From developing strategies to executing plans, there is always something new to know in the field of marketing. Being vast enough, it is equally confusing to trust sources to get legit and genuine information and news on marketing and related matters.

Well, Twitter can help you with that. However, Twitter itself has multiple profiles and influencers who talk about marketing or share and tweet on similar topics. Hence, we have brought together the best marketing Twitter accounts that you should follow for relevant knowledge. These leading experts can provide you with great insights, and you can be updated about the matters concerned.

BEST Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Marketing Category

Trickypedia has no care for the number of likes your tweet has or the thousands of followers your Twitter handle has. We are only concerned about the below-mentioned factors for ranking Twitter accounts. They are-

Activeness on Twitter

The more active you are on Twitter, the better you will be ranking as per Trickypedia. It means that you should be tweeting very frequently. Also, your tweets should be extremely helpful to all your followers on Twitter. Tweet daily and actively to be one of the top rankers, according to Trickypedia.

Retweet Ratio

The higher percentage of retweets you post on your Twitter handle would define your better ranking on the platform. Trickypedia checks the retweet ratio before ranking the Twitter accounts for the marketing category. 

Influence on the Marketing Industry

Your tweet should be insightful. It should be informational and have recent updates and news related to the marketing industry. The tweet should keep you up to date on most of the marketing information. Your tweet’s influence on the market industry directly helps increase your ranking.

Best Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary 

Although this list is restricted to the 35 best marketing Twitter accounts to follow, and there is no limit to the data and information that you can get to learn and know about marketing, I hope that these accounts will help you in saving your precious time and narrowing down your otherwise broad search of choosing the “right” pick for you.

All these marketing accounts have informational insights, beneficial stats, and data being shared in mere 140 characters. The retweet ratio of these accounts is also quite impressive. This means that you automatically reach a wider marketing arena simply by following these accounts. Information and news from across the world are shared with you on your phone, and it is easily accessible with just a tap on your screen. 

Hopefully, the list of the best marketing Twitter accounts will be influential for you, and you will be able to find it worth your time. These accounts will likely save you time digging into newspapers and scraps to get any information. Following these Twitter accounts can help you to invest your time in something much better and worthier, as you can easily get information and insights on marketing and similar topics by following these Twitter accounts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Which are the top 5 Best Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow?

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Rand Fishkin (@randfishkin) 466K
Joana Wiebe (@copyhackers) 42.8K
Neil Patel (@neilpatel) 440K
Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs) 459K
Marketing Examples (@GoodMarketingHQ) 144K

2. Who is the most followed Marketing Account on Twitter?

Rand Fishkin (@randfish) is the most followed marketing account on Twitter, with 466K followers as of now. He is the founder of Moz and co-founder of SparkToro. He is pretty active on Twitter, and the best part about his Twitter profile is that whenever he retweets, he adds a comment so that it appears more lively and interactive. 

3. Which is the best Twitter Account for Marketing news?

3Think with Google (@ThinkwithGoogle) is the best Twitter account for marketing news. With 347K followers, this Twitter handle is run by Google and its team, and it constantly shares and updates the latest news about marketing, statistics, SEO, and analytics. Everything that you might be looking for is here!

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