35+ BEST Firefighter Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best Firefighter’s twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you are at the right place. Firefighters can be real saviors in times of emergency. They are the heroes of our community whose work not only includes extinguishing the fire but rescuing hundreds of people during a fire spread. But, it is not every time that firefighters can protect us. Therefore, as a wise individual, you must be well aware of the tips to save your family, house, office, or neighbors in case any of them catches fire. Twitter has some truly helpful Firefighter accounts that you should follow. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the 35+ Best Firefighter’s Twitter accounts which provide great insight on how to protect oneself in case of fire.

BEST Firefighter’s Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Firefighters Category

Trickypedia ranks Twitter profiles not based on the likes on your tweet or the number of followers you have on your Twitter account but based on other factors such as retweet ratio, activeness on Twitter, and influence on the Firefighters industry. Let us have a look at each of them. 

Retweet Ratio 

The retweet ratio is a parameter that Trickypedia sets to check your Twitter profile for the number of retweets. The more retweets you have on your profile compared to your real tweets, the better your ranking will be, as per Trickypedia. 

Activeness on Twitter 

Another factor that is equally important to judge a Twitter profile before ranking it in the list of the top ones is the activeness of a profile on Twitter. The better your activity status on Twitter, the better your ranking will be. So, being active and tweeting frequently can help you to be at the top.

Influence on the Firefighters Industry 

Your tweet should be beneficial for your followers as well as for the Firefighters industry. Posting irrelevant stuff is going to do you no good. With better content that is quality oriented, you are surely going to get a good ranking on your Twitter profile by Trickypedia.

Best Firefighter’s Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary 

I hope that the list of the best firefighters we have mentioned in this article will help you narrow down your search, and you will instantly be able to find the top firefighters you should follow to have information on controlling and preventing the unnecessary spread of fire. Moreover, you can also learn to stop and extinguish fire quite conveniently once you follow these accounts on Twitter.

Having these accounts in your following list will be a great boon for you as many of these firefighters often share ways to extinguish petty fires on your own. If you do not have a firefighter service available on any day, you can surely have awesome assistance by following these accounts. These people will help you extinguish any sudden fire easily and painlessly. 

Some of these Twitter handles also talk about the methods to maintain your calm in case any unwanted fire emerges and spreads. These accounts advise you not to panic during an emergency and handle the entire situation well by the time the firefighter’s team comes to your place or in case they take longer to reach than expected. These accounts will surely be a messiah for you whenever there is an urgency. 

Hopefully, these Twitter accounts will also keep you updated on every recent news regarding fire spread at different places, some of which can be in your localities too. Also, these accounts are reliable for getting insight into how to prevent fire. Some of these accounts teach you to have a ventilated and isolated fireplace so that no other item in your household catches fire and mishap is prevented at the end. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which are the Best Firefighter’s Twitter Accounts to Follow?

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Firefighter Nation (@firenation) 62.3K
Firefighter Fenton (@firefighterfent) 3K
Unfucked Firefighter (@unfuckedfire) 5.9K
Firefighter Circle (@TereseLopes78) 1.5K
Barrie Firefighters (@BarriePFFA) 3.5K

2. Who is the most followed Firefighter on Twitter?

Unfucked Firefighter (@unfuckedfire) is the most followed Firefighter on Twitter. He is pretty active on Twitter and has 5.9K followers presently. He often tweets about firefighters and demands his followers respect this job.

3. Which is the best Twitter account for Firefighters’ news?

Firefighter Nation (@firenation) is the best Twitter account for Firefighters’ news. With 62.3K followers, this is one of the best accounts for getting firefighters and rescue news. The account also shares firefighting training tips, photos, videos, etc., for the followers.

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