35+ BEST B2B Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best B2B twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you are at the right place. Suppose you are thinking of growing and expanding your small business. In that case, it is a possibility that you might show interest in business marketing or B2B marketing, wherein you can sell your self-created or customized products to large organizations, which can then sell them under their brand name. If so, you should put your trust in social media platforms.

Amongst so many social networking sites, it is Twitter that you should consider for this purpose. Having millions of active users, Twitter becomes an aid to taking your small business to greater heights. To sell products, you might be in search of the best B2B Twitter accounts. Easing your trouble, we are here with a list of the 35+ Best B2B Twitter Accounts. Keep scrolling to know about them.

BEST B2B Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for B2B Category

When it comes to ranking Twitter profiles for the B2B category, Trickypedia has parameters that check for the retweet ratio, activeness on Twitter, and influence on the B2B industry as the major factor to rank any Twitter profile. Let us understand each of them in detail.

Retweet Ratio

First and foremost, Trickypedia ranks Twitter profiles based on the Retweet Ratio. It is the percentage of retweets on your profile calculated for a particular period. To increase your retweet ratio, it is advised to increase your Twitter network and find tweets related to business marketing and retweet them.

Activeness on Twitter

Trickypedia notices and checks your activeness on Twitter before ranking you amongst the top profiles for the B2B category. For a good activity status on Twitter, you should tweet and retweet quite frequently, and you should keep uploading news or information that is going to benefit your followers.

Influence on the B2B Industry

Lastly, it matters how well you define anything regarding business marketing in 140 words. Every tweet that you post on your Twitter handle should be valuable and worthy for your followers. It should be informative and insightful. If this is kept in check, your ranking will automatically be increased.

B2B Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary 

I hope that all the Twitter accounts that we have talked about in this article will help you to grow your small business. These Twitter accounts will enhance your skills and help you understand B2B marketing well, and you can easily bring it to your best use. With the assistance of the list as mentioned above, you will be able to narrow down your search to limited Twitter accounts that are legit and worthy of your time and efforts.

Not only this, these accounts are a great source to learn more about business marketing. They are a messiah for all those small business owners who have a deep faith in social networking platforms to expand their business and get support from people across the world. There is always something good to learn about business marketing, organizing, planning, and managing everything together on these accounts. Some of these influencers share tricks for attracting consumers in the online world.

Hopefully, following the best B2B Twitter accounts will boost your confidence as a small business and will provide you with a good hope to grow. All these accounts are legit and trustworthy, so there is no chance of fraud or scam by any means. However, it is suggested to be aware before trusting any Twitter account completely, especially in money-related matters. All in all, you can be absolutely sure of improvising and expanding your business by following these B2B accounts on Twitter. 

Top 5 B2B Twitter Accounts to Follow:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the top 5 best B2B Twitter Accounts to Follow?

Twitter Handle  Followers 
Jeffrey L. Cohen (@jeffreylcohen) 10.7K
Howard J. Sewell (@HJSewell) 3K
Wendy Marx (@wendymarx) 14.6K
Dara Schulenberg (@dschulenberg) 2.8K 
Julie Schwartz (@julieitsma) 1.5K

2. Who is the most followed B2B account on Twitter?

Wendy Marx (@wendymarx) is the most followed B2B account on Twitter. With 14.6K followers presently, Marx is pretty active on Twitter. She is an award-winning marketing communication executive and an amazing PR. Her major focus is to help her clients to become popular brands gradually. 

3. Which is the best Twitter Account for B2B news?

Dara Schulenberg (@dschulenberg) is the best Twitter account for B2B news. She has been in the B2B marketing industry for over 20 years. Having 2.8K followers, she is very active on Twitter. She explores the platform and shares all the relevant news and information on B2B marketing with her followers.

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