35+ BEST Boxers’ Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for the top boxers’ Twitter accounts to follow?

If that’s the case, you’ve landed at the correct spot. Being a boxer is both a fulfilling and challenging endeavor. These athletes push their physical and mental boundaries, crafting their skills, and inspiring countless people. Transforming into a renowned boxer is a task for some. It involves overcoming hurdles and refining one’s skills to reach the pinnacle. If you’re passionate about boxing or aim to become a boxer, it’s worth following the social media accounts of several eminent boxers. They’re filled with invaluable insights and tips that can guide your future.

Twitter has over a hundred million users, including many famous boxers. They actively use Twitter, regularly posting informative and engaging tweets for their followers. Twitter can offer you the latest updates as one of the most critical social platforms. But it’s crucial to follow the most influential figures. Hence, we present you with a list of 35+ Top Twitter Accounts to follow for Boxing Enthusiasts.

Best Boxers’ Twitter Accounts to Follow

User Followers Retweet Ratio Reply Ratio Avg Retweets

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Boxing Category

Trickypedia employs a trio of proprietary criteria for estimating a profile’s ranking on Twitter. These are the Retweet Ratio, Twitter Activity, and influence in the Boxing community. By efficiently maintaining these, you could reach the top ranks.

Retweet Ratio

The initial criterion is the Retweet Ratio. This ratio, which Trickypedia considers for your ranking, is the number of retweets on your Twitter account compared to your original tweets. A higher retweet ratio results in a higher ranking.

Activity on Twitter

The second criteria involve the level of activity on your account. The more active you post educational and interesting tweets, your ranking will be higher. It’s beneficial to tweet about your most thrilling fights or training routines regularly. Using Twitter’s 280 characters effectively can help you gain higher ranks on Trickypedia.

Influence on the Boxing Community

The third and arguably most crucial factor is your influence on Twitter, particularly within the boxing community. Creating influence on Twitter is achievable; tweet about topics your followers can easily and casually understand. The greater your influence, the higher your ranking will be.

Best Boxers’ Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

The list above of the best boxer’s Twitter accounts to follow should help you learn more about the world of boxing and how to achieve your goals. Following top-tier accounts gives you access to better information. It will help you understand the life of a boxer, the necessary training, and the challenges you will face in the boxing world.

These boxers are quite active on Twitter so you can get regular updates about their training and fights. They consistently share insightful content on their Twitter accounts, which will streamline your search for the best boxing Twitter accounts to follow. This can undoubtedly boost your skills and understanding of the sport.

Twitter is considered one of the best platforms for gaining more knowledge about boxing. The greatest benefit of using Twitter to learn is that it’s entirely free. You must hit the follow button and regularly check their Twitter accounts to enrich your knowledge about this sport.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Who are the top 5 Boxers’ Twitter Accounts to follow?

Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) 8.1 million
Manny Pacquiao (@MannyPacquiao) 2.7 million
Anthony Joshua (@anthonyfjoshua) 2.8 million
Tyson Fury (@Tyson_Fury) 1.5 million
Canelo Álvarez (@Canelo) 1 million

2. Who is the most followed boxer on Twitter?

Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) is the most followed boxer on Twitter. With 8.1 million followers, he regularly tweets about his boxing experiences, health tips, and the latest news fans love. Mayweather strives to provide valuable content to his followers.

3. Which is the best Twitter Account for Boxing news?

Boxing News (@BoxingNewsED) is the best platform for acquiring all the details about boxing. They have 106.2K followers and cater to millions of boxing fans. Their tweets provide easy-to-understand and quite insightful news to their followers.

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