35+ Best Blockchain Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best Blockchain twitter accounts to follow?

If yes, you are at the right place. Blockchain is an up-to-date mechanism that enables the transfer of conspicuous facts and figures associated with a business chain. It records transactions particularly related to cryptocurrency. Nowadays, you can get every business aspect at your fingertips. Social media platforms are not only limited to fun but also serve as a medium for providing crucial information regarding the business. If you are enthusiastic about investing in cryptocurrency, then Twitter is one of the finest platforms to acquire the latest updates regarding crypto.

Over 250 million users remain active on Twitter every day. Even Twitter has several blockchain accounts that professionals run. They possess an abundant amount of knowledge that plays an indispensable role in investment decisions. They tweet from time to time about the latest enhancements in the prices, and new currencies have arisen, predicting future changes in the cryptocurrencies. So we have prepared a list of 35+ Best Web Designing Accounts to follow.

Best Business News Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for Blockchain Category

To attain higher ranks on Twitter by Trickypedia, you must ensure that you fulfill the criteria set by Trickypedia. These criteria are Retweet ratio, Activeness on Twitter, and the most essential, i.e., influence on the Blockchain Industry. If you satisfy these parameters, you will undoubtedly secure top ranks on Twitter. 

Retweet Ratio

The first parameter is the Retweet Ratio. Your rank is computed after considering your Retweet Ratio. Retweet Ratio is interpreted as the number of retweets on your Twitter account as opposed to the tweets done by you. The exceptional retweet ratio you have, the higher your rank will be.

Activeness on Twitter 

Another major factor affecting your Twitter rank is the activeness on Twitter. The more active you remain and the more tweets you do, the higher your position will be. However, such tweets should be relevant to the topic, and users should find it simple to apprehend. You will assuredly attain higher ranks if you use the 140 characters to your maximum advantage.

Influence on the Blockchain Industry

The last but most salient parameter is your influence on Twitter in relation to the Blockchain Industry. The tweet must be full of principal facts and insightful for your followers. If you want to achieve good rankings, you must dispense the latest and most accurate information to your followers. It will certainly assist you in enhancing your rankings.

Best Blockchain Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

The list mentioned above of the best Blockchain Twitter Accounts to follow will eliminate your long-haul work of searching for the most appropriate Blockchain accounts. If you also invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, U.S. Dollar Coin, XRP, and Tether, among others, you should follow these accounts. These experts have years of experience in cryptocurrencies and will aid you in investing in the most profitable currencies. 

These accounts actively post videos, images, and tweets to access thorough updates about Blockchain and brand-new currencies. What’s less, you can turn your portfolio into one of the most successful ones. They help you to provide the risks associated with the money, and then you can make your final decisions. Hence it would be best to search only for the best ones as they will help you earn more money without many issues.

Confidently, this list of the best Blockchain accounts will solve issues you encounter before investing. You can also gain more knowledge effortlessly and without the involvement of any money. These accounts provide the latest news without charging any price. You have to press the follow button and then check the daily updates.

Frequently asked questions

1. Top 5 Blockchain Accounts to follow

Name Followers (@blockchain) 1.3 million
CoinDesk (@CoinDesk) 3 million
vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) 4.7 million
Bitcoin Archive (@BTC_Archive) 1.2 million
PlanB (@100trillionUSD) 1.8 million

2. Which is the most followed Blockchain account on Twitter?

Vitalik Buterin(@VitalikButerin) is the most followed blockchain account on Twitter, with followers totaling 4.7 million. He incessantly posts about the updates related to Blockchain. His tweets contain vital facts which the followers use to remain updated about the market trends and analyze them for investment purposes. 

3. Which is the best Twitter accounts for the latest Blockchain news?

Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) is the best Twitter account to acquire the latest news related to Blockchain. They have years of experience in this sector and tweet daily about market changes, enhancements in currency prices, etc.

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