35+ BEST NBA Twitter Accounts to Follow

Are you looking for Best NBA Twitter accounts to follow?

If so, you are at the right place. Basketball fans have an immense craze for the NBA and all the associated news and information. At times, there occurs an issue in them finding the right medium to discuss issues and hot topics with like-minded people.

On Twitter alone, there are uncountable accounts specifically meant for NBA discussions, trending basketball talks, sharing and tweeting memes and jokes on the same, etc. Amongst them, finding the one with everything that a hardcore basketball fan needs become chaos!

Keeping that in mind, we have presented a quick go-through of the 35 Best NBA Twitter accounts list to follow. These accounts will not make you feel out of the box in front of your friends as you will be updated with every news conveniently.

BEST NBA Twitter Accounts to Follow

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How Trickypedia Ranks Twitter Profiles for NBA Twitter Accounts Category 

The algorithms that Trickypedia follows are much different from the ones that rank profiles based on the number of followers and the likes an influencer gets on whatever they upload. The ranking parameters that we follow are-

Influence on the NBA Community

If you want to be ranked at the top of an NBA Twitter account, your tweets should have relevant information regarding the NBA. It should include the latest news and trending topics of discussion. If so, there are better chances of your rank getting increased.

Retweet Ratio

The more people retweet your tweet, the more likely it is to get ranked at the top, as per the algorithms of Trickypedia

Activity Status on Twitter

An influencer must frequently be active on Twitter for better and increased rankings. Having an NBA Twitter account, you should often tweet about the NBA and related subjects.

Best NBA Twitter Accounts to Follow Summary

Along with cricket and football, basketball has also become a wildly loved sport in recent times. I hope all the Twitter accounts we have discussed in this article will help you be updated on all the news and trending talks related to the NBA.

Also, even if you are new to the basketball field and are not very well aware of the terms being used in the game, these influencers will surely benefit you by assisting you in learning the new terms.

Since all these Twitter profiles are well-known and very active on the platform, you will likely get regular updates on the events happening at the NBA. The accounts mentioned do not include any actual player or their fan page, as you can easily find it by yourself.

All the above-mentioned profiles include a diverse range of people who love the NBA as much as you do, and so they keep on posting related and relevant content accordingly. At times, the tweets are funny, and sometimes they make you aware of the news that you otherwise might have missed!

Thus, no matter if you have just stepped into the world of NBA and basketball or you are an old and die-hard fan of the game, you are undoubtedly expected to get the most exciting updates ready on your phone screen, just a click away!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Which are the top 5 best NBA Twitter Accounts to Follow?

The top 5 best NBA accounts to follow on Twitter are-

Twitter Handle Followers
1. Adrian Wojciechowski (@wojespn) 5.7 Million
2. Shams Charania(@ShamsCharania) 1.8 Million
3. Marc Stein(@TheSteinLine) 1.4 Million
4. Windhorst(@WindhorstESPN) 853K
5. Chris Haynes(@ChrisBHaynes) 434K

2. Who is the most followed NBA account on Twitter?

Adrian Wojnarowski(@wojespn) is the most followed NBA account on Twitter, with 5.7 million followers. It feels that the NBA and Adrian Wojnarowski go hand in hand. He is pretty much active on Twitter and is the first to update you with all the news regarding the league and NBA. 

3. Which is the best Twitter account for NBA news?

Shams Charania(@ShamsCharania), better known as Wojnarowski’s rival, is another fellow you should rely on to get updates on the news that Adrian has not tweeted about. Presently he has 1.8 million followers, which keeps on growing tremendously.

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