Why do you need to service your AC(Air Conditioner) regularly

Air Conditioning – It is the process of removing heat and moisture from the internal atmosphere, basically, a system that controls the humidity, temperature in particular areas, mostly to maintain a cool atmosphere in the warm state(condition). Aircon – Aircon is a short word for Air Conditioning.

Difference between Air conditioner and Air conditioning

Air conditioner

It is a system or machine that treats with air in a defined area or an enclosed space. The primary purpose of Air conditioner, used anywhere, is to provide comfort, to deal, or altering with the properties of the air.

For e.g. House rooms, buildings, etc.

Air conditioning

The work or the process of the Air conditioner to treat with the air, altering the air to provide comfort, is known as Air conditioning.

E.g., Refrigerator.

In this article, we will take a simplified look :

  • What is the need? Why we have to do servicing of AC(Air conditioner) regularly?
  • Factors affecting Air conditioning system?

What is the need of servicing your Aircon?

AC unit checking is beneficial in several ways. You are enabling the correct/proper functioning of your AC system, mainly in peak summer temperatures.

By checking it according to a schedule, you’ll catch the wind of or any potential problem before it becomes severe.

As the system of AC ages, it loses its original efficiency or capability, which means it requires some of the additional energy to function correctly.

Regular servicing helps AC functioning properly; smaller issues will be solved and served in time to preserve the capability and also to result in typically lower electricity bills.

The Frequency at which AC units be serviced.


AC system consists of two coils, which may result in overheat if excessive or more than regular dirt accumulates over time.

The two types of coils are :

  • Evaporator coil
  • Condenser coil

The coils mentioned above should be serviced once a year. If not, it can bring down or degrade the overall efficiency of your AC system.


If the compressors overheat, it may have dangerous consequences. This is the second issue that can be prevented by regular servicing.


After the regular yearly maintenance, there are or maybe some things you can do by yourself to help the AC system function favorably. The air filters should be cleaned every two weeks.you can do it on your own.

There are different filters, and the number of clogs depends on the usage. Some can also be changed; some can be reused or replaced with new ones.

2.Factors affecting Air conditioning system?

Given below are some of the most significant factors that affect the Air conditioning system in an enclosed area or house or anywhere.

  • Temperature Control
  • Room Size 
  • AC Capacity 
  • Cooling Speed
  • Energy Efficiency

Temperature Control

All split AC is with the adjustable thermostat to control the temperature delivered by the AC in different modes as Cool, Auto, Dry, Heat. To have these fantastic modern options, you need to buy the latest model ACs that comes with this kind of smart features.

Room having a perfect temperature is the same struggle with external factors.

Room Size

You should check the AC when purchasing whether the AC is compatible with the size of the room that you would like to have dependent on the places the AC size can be selected, 1 ton for the medium or big halls the ton air conditioner is mostly purchased or used.

AC Capacity

Weight or the tonnage of an air conditioner is dependent on the size of the room. The 1-ton capacity Ac can cool up to 1000 cubic feet. Whereas for 1.5-ton capacity can cool up to 1500 cubic feet.

Cooling Speed

How fast a device can cool the room. It commonly varies from brand to brand or with the proper ratings possess high cooling speed and reduced cooling speed in old models.

Energy Efficiency

SEER- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The ratio of work performed to the total energy consumed, and it is measured in SEER.