What to do to check if the signal has failed

Signal down, right? At the beginning of 2021, the encrypted chat app saw a new Wave user who wants to keep their chats confidential. Here’s how to check if everyone else’s signal is down

  • Check the status of the Signal website for official updates

Visit the Signal Status project website (status.signal.org) for the latest details on outages.

  • Check the Signal Status site for updates from the authorities

Go to the main signal status site for the task (status.signal.org) for the latest information on interruptions.

  • Go to the User Reports Down Detector

If Signal’s status web page doesn’t really indicate that there is a problem or is not loading, then you should take a look at the Signal page of the down detector.

This website is based on information from current users. If other people are having problems, see how many users are reporting problems. Users see a timeline of problem reports from the past 24 hours to get an idea of ​​when the problem occurred.

  • Take a look at the Social Network Accounts of Signal

Signal shares details about its Twitter status. Signal Twitter is a great place to get updates. You can get the latest updates for Signal on Twitter even if you don’t have a Twitter account.