What is the difference between full-time, freelance and flexible contracts?


Are you fresh from university and want to test your new software skills, but are not sure which employment status you have best? There are subtle differences between full-time, freelance and flexible contracts. Below you will find explanations of these and the differences.

Work as a full-time employee

Full-time employment is the traditional employment status that many people aspire to, and there are many significant benefits to having full-time permanent employment. You can have financial security with a full-time job and enjoy a stable income every month. You get access to all the benefits offered to employees, including health care, retirement, bonuses, and team building events and activities.

Working in the same location also supports communication within the company with your colleagues, and you can benefit from a mentor in the company that enables you to grow and improve your skills. You may find that you find a lot of new friends in a full-time job, and your social life can also benefit from it because it gives you a new life.

Working on a flexible contract

There are companies that have employees with flexible contracts, such as B. Companies that Hire software developers at Contract Devs. This is becoming increasingly popular in this digital age in which we live.

These positions can benefit both employees and the company. Flexible employment contracts allow workers to work the hours that suit them best, and can also mean that they can work remotely, although they may have to visit the office on request. These contracts increase the well-being of employees and help to reduce not only the stress, but also the costs of running a company. The office can be downsized, which lowers costs, and employees don't have to commute every day, which also lowers the cost of getting to and from work. Studies have shown that employees with such contracts are less likely to be absent and that productivity levels can also be increased.

With a flexible contract, you are expected to process your hourly quota each week. However, working hours can be at your discretion and give you a lot of freedom as long as the job is done.

Work as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer can also be very liberating and resembles a flexible contract. The main difference is that you get no wages and only earn money by completing projects. It can't be easy to start as a freelancer because we all need money to live. If you don't have a source of work, you may also spend a lot of time looking for freelancers.

A significant advantage of working as a freelancer If you have a pipeline of work, you can choose the work you do and when you do it. If you want, you can work far away and even sit by the pool in a warm climate. However, there is no financial stability, usually with this type of work, as the money you earn can change drastically every month.


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