What Is A Growth Marketer?

“Ultimately, a growth marketer is someone who is highly analytical, has a strong understanding of marketing channels/strategies, and uses the scientific method to validate assumptions. These professionals are usually responsible for one specific metric that has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.”

About the Current Marketing World

In such a competitive marketing world, it can be challenging for a company to stand out and make a visible and cheerful appearance. To break through the noise, it has become increasingly important and demanding to design a brilliant marketing strategy that is creative, iterative and compelling growth and development in the marketing world.

A system that yields the company with customer acquisition is a breeding ground for virility, word of mouth, and long-term organic growth.

This recent and powerful tool for building a strong customer base, guaranteeing continued growth, is called growth marketing. This distinctive branch of marketing gives a detailed insight into customer behavior, market structure, and how to deal with it intelligently to construct a bold picture of the respective company. 

Consequently, a growth marketer is an individual permanently dedicated to A/B testing, value-additive blog posts, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, creative ad copy, and technical analysis of every aspect of a user’s experience. 

Bruno Estrella – the senior growth leader at Webflow, talks about growth marketing and how a growth marketer can ensure that the growth hacks are achieved on behalf of its growth marketer. Remember, there is an entire growth team dedicated to the development plans of the company. So, how is a growth marketer’s role distinctively instrumental to growing the business while kicking at optimizing the website?

Distinctive Characteristics

Apart from the required and relevant educational qualifications, a growth marketer should: 

  • Be fearlessly creative and innovative.
  • Should be ever-ready to encounter uncertain market risks
  • Should be willing to measure all the possibilities and outcomes, be it positive or negative
  • Should be able to take failure positively and strongly
  • Should be able to reflect on the psychology of the other competitors and customers

The growth marketer possesses these features mentioned above, work by quickly and wisely implementing brilliant market strategies to achieve robust and sustainable growth.

Modern Growth Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

A major drawback of traditional marketing involves rules like:

  • Devise the marketing strategy without updating and rectifying the design according to the recent market trends that change continuously
  • Start implementing plans and actions accordingly without the least inculcation of innovative ideas.
  • Some strategies burn through a set budget and hope for the best.

These strategies can be an efficient way to build and increase traffic to the peak of your sales funnel, raising a company’s awareness and user acquisition, but that’s where the value dwindles.

Growth Marketing

Growth marketing goes beyond and above the top of the funnel. When performed correctly, it adds value through the marketing funnel by attracting users, engaging them, retaining them, and finally turning them into champions for your brand. Therefore, knowing and being aware of users’ psychology is an essential prerequisite for a growth marketer.

As you know by now, the data-driven growth marketers are highly involved in shaping a strategy, risk-takers, trying new experiments, and implementing plans quickly and efficiently to quickly zero in on what works best for the company’s growth.

You should also note that growth marketing is more of a stochastic process, something that can be more appropriately compared to a phenomenon like biological evolution. This strongly infers an element of randomness to the strategies that might work (favorable possibilities).

The only way to be confident about what will be a fruitful roadway to the firm’s success is to go down and vigilantly devise, always keep a check on the marketing world, and start throwing things at the wall, seeing what sticks. Henceforth, wise risk-taking forms an essential element of the bigger picture here.

Qualities of Successful Growth Marketers

  • Data-driven: The days when marketing strategies were based on gut feelings are long gone. The modern and efficient growth marketer delves deep into the data and analyses the figures attentively to figure out what strategies are working, the relevant resources, and the infrastructure to build better processes if any. They should also be comfortable with bringing into use all the tools that allow for such analysis.
  • Creative and innovative: A growth marketer should be someone who drives his innovative ideas into actions, constantly questioning himself “what if” rather than being pessimistic about “what if not.” 
  • Understands the product well: A vital postulate of the sales world is that you can’t sell a product if you haven’t understood it well. Now seeing, as growth marketers are also in the business of selling and proselytizing, the same rule applies. The main goal should not be tricking people into buying something they don’t want but rather elucidating the many benefits of a valuable product that you genuinely believe will attract people.
  • Has No Fear of Failure: Successful growth marketers believe that a failed experiment is not a dead-end. Failure is the quickest way to gain valuable insight into the marketing world’s demands. No growth marketer is a psychic or a fortune-teller. You must be open to attempting reasonable risks and everything else to see what works in favor of the company. You will eventually hit on and discover plans and things that succeed, and then you can optimize those accordingly and continue the process.
  • It is a brilliant storyteller: All the data in the world won’t help you figure out how to truly connect and interact with your users, transforming them into permanent ones. You must have the ability to synthesize and construct both quantitative and qualitative information into a compelling story that resonates with your potential customers and attracts their attention.

Once you have a client on board, you build a fine rapport and understanding with them. Such that both you and the customer can maximize benefits from both ends.

A growth marketer in a growth team knows how to go about it and perform the required tasks just fine for the company’s benefit, seeing the bigger picture.

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