What are ticket proxies and why do you need them?

Over the years, individual companies have made money through ticket websites by evaluating hundreds and thousands of tickets at the same time and selling them at higher prices. Such individuals have been in business since the entertainment industry began. From music concerts to sports games, tickets sell out in minutes.

At first you had to buy tickets manually at the spots, but now, with the advancement of technology, so too have companies evolved. From physical sales centers, sellers have moved to major online ticketing websites, using ticket proxies to get hundreds of tickets at once using proxies and automated bots.

Sounds cool right? Seems like a great business idea, probably not a completely legal one, but the one that will make you profitable. If you’re new to the whole proxy business, here’s a detailed explanation of what ticket proxies are and why you need them. So read on to find out more.

Every system connected to the Internet has a unique IP address which the web server can use to identify individual systems and track their use. Your laptop, phone and PC – all three devices have different IP addresses. Similarly, your neighbors’ digital devices have unique IP addresses.

So if you connect to the internet and visit a ticket sales website to order hundreds of tickets at a time, the web servers and monitors will become suspicious of your activity and may block your IP address. This is because on such websites only a single user can purchase a limited number of tickets for a given event.

Common people may agree, but not individuals or companies planning to buy in bulk. Therefore, in order to hide your original IP address and buy in bulk, you need ticket proxies.

Ticket proxies are a gateway between your device’s IP address and the Internet. In simple terms, a proxy is an IP address that is not connected to your computer, much like a VPN. Instead of using your IP address, you route your system through a proxy server and access various IP addresses to access the internet. In your case this would be access to the ticket pages like Ticketmaster.

The reason many buyers tend to use ticket proxies to evaluate large amounts of tickets is because they are extremely reliable and offer a host of other benefits to both individuals and businesses. Here are some of these benefits;

  1. accuracy

Proxies are often linked to automated bots. Both technologies are programming based, which means they only do what you ask them to do. This means that when using proxies and automated bots to scoring tickets online, there is little to no potential for error.

  1. automation

Instead of buying tickets yourself, by setting up proxies along with automated bots, you can automatically buy hundreds and thousands of tickets in a matter of hours. All you have to do is check it out from time to time and that’s all.

  1. Enhanced Security

Proxies help to hide your real location. Even if using proxies to obtain tickets is illegal, websites can only block the proxies. There is currently no technology that can restore the proxies to their original IP address.