Free Uplay Accounts With Games [ Giveaway 2018 ]

Hey Folks , I think You will all agree with me When I say ,

Life Is More Fun If You Play Games .

Isn’t It ? Comment Down Your thoughts .

By the title of the post, You have understood that there is a giveaway of Uplay Accounts With Games in it . And I promise you that they are genuine. But there is a twist in between…..Read Further to know the twist.

So, team, Trickypedia will be giving Uplay account with games to each and every person who will visit this site . We will provide you Premium accounts of uplay which are worth up to $100  . Isn’t it , amazing ?

So Without Further ado , Lets get started 

In this session, we will be giving you guys 3 Uplay accounts With almost Different Games in it . Such that each one of you can Enjoy different games  . Don’t worry folks it is completely Legal . So all the Gamers enthusiasts Out there time to test your gaming Skills .

So here are some doubt’s that will occur in your mind about the giveaway , So I thought Why not to clear it before the giveaway Starts 

Any Reason Mate For the Giveaway ?

Actually Guys , No reason for the Giveaway . We just wanted to give you folks return gift for Visiting Our site . And we will be more than happy if you Share our Site Links on your Facebook profiles, groups and pages . And Let more People Know about Trickypedia .

Is it a Sponsored Giveaway  ?

No , this giveaway is not a sponsored by anyone . we somehow managed to get at least 40 Uplay Accounts with games. But in this giveaway, we are giving away only 3 Uplay Accounts With Games in it . If your response is good then there will be a mega giveaway of Uplay Accounts With Games.

Rules for Participating ?

So here comes the ruling segment . It is not very difficult folks Just follow the steps .

  • Share this posts Link on your Facebook profile , group and pages .
  • Like the Facebook Page of Trickypedia .

Done folks  , now you are completely ready for the Giveaway .

Hey Folks , If your Doubts was not mentioned above , please Feel free to comment

So your wait is over , Here are the Uplay Accounts With Games .

# 1 .

Email Address :



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[email protected]

Password : DanetE317




# 1. Uplay Free Account

# 2 .

Email Address :

[sociallocker id=”2750″]


[email protected]

Password : jpgrjpgr




Upaly account with Games [ 8 exclusive games ]
Upaly account with Games [ 8 exclusive games ]

# 3 . Email Address :

[sociallocker id=”2751″]


[email protected]

Password : sammuku74




Upaly account with Games [ 3 exclusive games ]
Hey there If you have received your Uplay accounts Email and Password . Then great !! If you want the Mega Giveaway of Uplay Accounts Than Comment Down below By Typing, ” Yes “. We will organize the giveaway as soon as possible.

These Games are Suitable in all budget Laptops and Pc. So Enjoy!!

Mega 900 + Uplay Accounts !!!


Hey, Folks!! First Of all, I am really Sorry that the Password has been Changed by Some Dirty People. I really Apologize on the behalf of Trickypedia Team!!


So We thought Why not to Give 900 Free Uplay Accounts To You Folks!! 

P.s: Are You Guys Excited !!

We have bought all the accounts For You all !!

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Enjoy Your Giveaway !!

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900 Uplay accounts Giveaway !!


If you are a Non-gamer Comment Down what do you Want in the Next Giveaway. We will Surely Organize it . Till then Guys,

                                                            ” Peace “