UK-based Gang 3 announces the launch of its business in India

Fast growing London-based e-commerce startup Aisle 3 has set up a new division in India as it continues its rapid growth trajectory. Aisl3 India Pvt Limited initially started with a team of 12 and plans to triple the size of the team over the next year.

Aisle 3 is a disruptive e-commerce marketplace that aims to fix the current fragmented shopping experience and create a “universal view of online shopping”.… By summarizing all offers on a single screen, Gang 3 saves buyers hours of research in countless open tabs, boards, spreadsheets or note apps.

The move to formally incorporated in India ensures that the UK-based company shows its commitment to the team and offers them the same level of personal security as a full-time employee. The local HR team is based in Vadodara, with an in-house recruiter in Ahmedabad reporting to Gang 3’s CEO, Thomas J. Vosper.

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The company is originally based in Ahmedabad expects to open up to three new offices across the country next year (2022), as the team combines the “new normal” of remote work with the desire to return to luxurious offices with their colleagues. The tech team in India is focused on using innovative machine learning and AI algorithms to match offers without the hassle of the merchant.

According to Thomas J. Vosper – “After hiring entirely remotely on five continents during Covid, we continue to be impressed with the tech talent in India. In less than a year, the team has developed a web crawler that discovers products, uses AI to transform and enrich product data together with neutral networks in order to aggregate products and place a “personal shopper in your pocket”. “

He continued: “By the time we completed our last round of investments, we were convinced that we would provide funding to gain a foothold in the local market and to increase our commitment to better support the team that previously acted as independent advisors. They are all excited about the great challenges we are facing. I’m really excited to see how the business and team will scale over the next 12 months. “

ECommerce startup Aisle 3 raised more than $ 600,000 in pre-seed funding in just six months and is interested in speaking to seasoned angel investors and VCs in India. Some of the most credible names in ecommerce have already endorsed the founders’ vision of a new, disruptive ecommerce marketplace that delivers truly personalized experiences to large networks of dedicated buyers.

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