Top logo design trends | Logo trends 2021

The company logo is a tangible representation of the company. Since the logo is the image that comes to mind when thinking of a particular brand or product, it’s important that it be vocal, subtle and convey what it stands for. Every business, big or small, has its logo, essentially a trademark, but it can be folded, shaped, changed, and improved over time.

The logos have changed over time. Every year different design logos are known around the world. The year is drawing to a close, and it’s time for our annual round-up of key logo design trends. Let’s take a look at the top logo design trends for 2021.

Text destruction
Word marks
Color transition
Geometric shapes
Pastels and muted shades
Off the beaten path
Symmetrical rotation

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Top trends in logo design | Logo trends 2021

Text destruction

Text-based logo design trends |  Logo trends 2021
Text-based logo design trends | Logo trends 2021

Audiences love hints and innuendos, and it would be a shame not to use them. If you have a text-based logo, this is a beautiful and mysterious trend that you should use. The text destruction technique leaves letters incomplete and then deletes or changes them. At the same time, you need to make sure that your design is still legible. Designers can change the entire appearance of text destruction logos with just one element. The easiest place to start is to delete or add components to a single letter.

When choosing this style, keep in mind that logos have a psychological impact on viewers. So make sure you are sending the right message about your company.

Word marks

2021 Logo Trends - Word mark Logo
2021 Logo Trends – Word mark Logo

The principle of a word mark is to use your brand name in the logo, but your unique font. Font design is trendy right now and is constantly pushing its limits. A well-designed word mark does the job boldly and with the least amount of effort; Designers can use it anywhere and on anything, and it’s incredibly identifiable. Let’s not forget cool; The job is one thing, but it’s much better to do it while it’s dripping with the cold.

Color transition

2021 logo trends - color change
2021 logo trends – color change

We’re on the bright side of the spectrum in that, like any other design element, gradients can add something to a logo design if applied at the right time and in the right place.

While some may argue that gradients are more of a fad in logo design than a conventional approach to color, classic logos like Instagram and Airbnb have used them heavily.

A gradient mixes colors so that one hue blends into the next to create a uniform appearance, rather than having numerous colors in a single design. Gradients are no longer just for icons or symbols!

You can also highlight a letter that your audience shouldn’t miss or highlight a specific feature of a brand name.

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2021 logo trends - minimalism logo
Logo Trends 2021 – Minimalism Logo

Many companies have committed themselves to the motto “less is more” and have adapted their logos to minimalist designs.

Because they understand that simple logos are engaging, memorable, and have a powerful impact on their target audience. Minimal logos dispense with flourishes and decorations in order to pack several components together. Instead, they represent a single, basic design principle that can be applied to different backgrounds and media.

They are easy to use even on smaller screens such as those seen on cell phones.

When giving your logo a minimalist makeover, keep in mind that you want to send a specific message to your target market. Keep your brand’s personality in mind when designing a logo and make sure it works across the board.

Geometric shapes

Logotrends 2021 - Geometric Logo
Logotrends 2021 – Geometric Logo

Geometric logos are always trendy. Rather than simply relying on a geometric shape to express your brand, these logos incorporate geometric components to frame additional brand-specific images.

And this style is adaptable enough to provide a wide range of distinctive logos. In this way you can have the traditional, anchoring effect of a geometric shape without losing any of its meaning or visual peculiarity.

Pastels and muted shades

2021 logo trends - pastel colors
2021 logo trends – pastel colors

The use of pastel colors is often underestimated. These hues, on the other hand, can add variety to your branding color scheme. In addition, pastel tones exude elegance and softness. Pastel colors are generally associated with lightness, water and spring. The use of volumes, textures, and material colors is widespread these days. It’s also great for pastel logos as the pastel texture is pleasing to the eye. It feels soft, although it is barely noticeable. There is a choice of warm or cool pastel tones. It relies on the shade chosen to be combined with a lot of white.

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Logo Trends 2021 - Overlapping Logo
Logo Trends 2021 – Overlapping Logo

Adding dimension and movement to your logo is easy when you use the overlap technique. Your logo will pop out for a 3D look when it has depth. When a symbol has depth, the concept of movement is also expressed. This will make your logo stand out and grab the attention of your target audience.

Overlapping elements can help you make your logo more interesting while adding a little variety. Seeing objects intersect is fascinating, but it’s not intrusive. There is a union when components in your logo overlap and connect. When color is introduced it creates additional variety that will help your logo fit together properly.


Logo trends 2021 - Responsive logos
Logo trends 2021 – Responsive logos

Depending on the screen size, your logo may lose some of its functionality.

If your logo has words or phrases, or other symbols, they may need to be left behind as the image shrinks.

Depending on whether you’re reading on a smartphone or tablet, you may need to remove the word mark, realign the logo to stack instead of a line, remove a tagline, or do all of the above.

That’s not to say that your logo will become illegible. It will still be your logo, but only the essentials – the image or symbol that everyone associates with your company or product.

Many companies have already started changing their logos to allow for flexible web design. They have reduced, reduced and become minimalist in order for their logos to work for them and the consumers.

Off the beaten path

2021 logo trends - unique pattern logo
2021 logo trends – unique pattern logo

Consider any ribbon or ribbon that changes direction and then returns there. What matters is what happens at this point in the change, not what happens before or after. A gear change, the introduction of a new process or the entry into a new generation can all take place along the way. It could be a change in location, materials, property, or product, but the route continues on its original path after a change.

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Symmetrical rotation

Logo Trends 2021 - Symmetrical Logo
Logo Trends 2021 – Symmetrical Logo

Symmetry refers to the reflection or mirroring of one side of a design on the other. This indicates that both sides have the same appearance. In logo design, symmetry can refer to all or part of the structure.

Being able to create a symmetrical design is incredibly rewarding. According to some experts, the brain is drawn to the order and repetition of symmetry, which is especially true in design.

If you want to represent a trustworthy company, a symmetrical design could be the logo for you. There are numerous different forms of symmetrical logos and well-known companies that have used them successfully.

frequently asked Questions

A logo is a company’s visual identity. It’s a design or icon that has been simplified into an icon that represents its brand.

Which are the most attractive logos?

Some of the most attractive logos of all time are:

  • Google
  • Starbucks
  • MC Donalds
  • Apple
  • Pepsi
  • Nike
  • Lg
  • Coke
  • Fedex
  • Toyota

A logo that is attractive and conveys openness and trustworthiness about the brand is considered a good logo.

Some of the color combinations for designing the logo to make it appealing are:

  • Blue and gold
  • Purple and yellow
  • Deep orange, turquoise, and navy
  • Natural green and brown
  • Green and blue tones
  • Light purple and beige
  • Orange, yellow and red

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