Top load vs. Front load washing machine: which is better?

In today’s busy world, washing machines are a necessity in most households. For the folks who can’t bother washing their daytime laundry after a long cooking process in the kitchen, washing machines are lifesavers.

The choice between a top and front loading washing machine is a personal decision. If you want to get a head start in your research, we’ve rounded up some facts about washing machines and dryers.

Topload washing machines are easier to use. It’s convenient to put clothes in a top loading washing machine with the door facing you. No need to bend down with a front loading washing machine. Because they are more user-friendly, top loading washing machines are best for the elderly, people with joint problems, or those who don’t want to bend over every time they want to do their laundry.

During the final spin cycle, front loading washers spin around 33% faster than regular top loading. This means that more water will be removed from the clothes before you put them in the dryer. Your clothes dry faster in the dryer and are less difficult to move between the two units. The spin speed of each washing machine can be found in the operating instructions, measured using the speed (revolutions per minute). The higher the speed, the higher the spin quality.

Both agitators and impellers are found in top loaders, but they clean your laundry in two different ways. An agitator is a tall central post that rotates back and forth to remove stains and loosen up floors, while an impeller is a flat cone or disc that rotates to help keep clothes clean.

Advantages and features of top loading washing machines

  • They have faster cycle times as most run cycles are around 15 to 30 minutes.
  • You are more energy efficient when you use cold water.
  • They offer space for a large load capacity.
  • You can add clothes during the cycle.
  • Your drums move faster so they can remove water more efficiently.
  • They are pocket friendly.
  • The controls are at the top to the rear.
  • Machines with agitators usually wash faster.
  • They take up less space and therefore fit perfectly in a narrow space.

Advantages and features of front loading washing machines

  • They are designed to remove stubborn stains easily as the washing movement is more efficient.
  • They usually work quieter.
  • They produce minimal fluff when washing.
  • These machines use less energy and water.
  • They don’t require bending or stooping to load or unload.
  • The control elements are located at the top at the front.
  • Thanks to the higher spin speeds, they are more effective at drying.

From how your laundry room is divided up to whether your new washing machine should have an agitator or an impeller, you know which washing machine is best for your home.

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