Top 5 Things To Know Before Buying GPU (Graphics Processing Unit 2018)


GPU is necessary for Gaming, Video editing, Picture editing. Processors are known to be the Brain of a Computer, but it’s incomplete without its soul, the GPU. Day by day new and better hardware is available for PC users. Similarly, new series of Best Budget GPUs are being released every year or two.
The 10th series is now available in Nvidia and 4th series in AMD, but if you’re going to buy one, make sure you have these 5 Points in mind before buying it.

So Without Further Ado Lets Get Started <3

• 1: Memory doesn’t mean everything

A phone is not judged only by its battery capacity but by how it uses that power. Same goes for GPUs. More memory does not say that you’re getting something better. The only time you should be concerned about the RAM of the GPU is when you’re playing games above 1920×1080. You should be more concerned about the bandwidth of a GPU because a 2GB DDR5 GPU is way more powerful than a 4GB DDR3 GPU.


• 2: Is it the right time to buy?

Nvidia and AMD release new series of chips after a year or 2. If you have a high budget and want to buy the new cutting-edge GPU wait for the right time and as the new series roll in, so you can have the latest or if you have a lower budget and want to prepare a budget gaming PC wait till the new GPUs are released. Then the previous generations GPUs have a massive drop in price.



• 3: Does it fit?

Every PC case has different Shape and size Specs. Similarly, every GPU has different shape and size. Before buying, make sure the GPU fits in the case. In this case, even a centimetre makes a lot of difference. PSU (Power Supply Unit) also plays an important part. Make sure that you’re GPU provides enough power and have 6 or 8 pin power connector, depending on your GPU. If you’re buying a PSU for the GPU make sure it’s a big and trusted brand, such as Corsair or Cooler Master.

Is It Right Time
Is It Right Time


• 4: Bottleneck?

What if you got yourself a cutting edge GPU but still not getting enough FPS (Frames Per Second) in a Game? It’s due to the CPU limiting the power of GPU.
Suppose you have a Bottle, but the neck is small which makes the liquid to come out of the bottle slower. The bigger the neck, the faster it will come out of the bottle.
Same rules apply to GPUs and CPUs. Only having a better GPU is not enough. Make sure that the CPU is compatible with GPU and not bottlenecking its power.


• 5: Two vs. One

Some Nvidia and AMD GPUs have a feature to use two GPUs which are connected with each other. Nvidia based ones are called SLI and AMD based are called CrossFire.
This feature sounds like a good idea to double the performance, but the plot twist is, it won’t increase the power by 2x times. It would be more likely to increase production by 20% to 50%.
Try evading this by buying a single powerful GPU, unless you want to game in 4K resolution, in which case it’s necessary to have CrossFire or SLI.

Written By: Shan Arian.

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