Top 5 Best Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Students

The learning and teaching process becomes more effective and easier by using the latest digital educational tools.

These tools are widely used to make learning easier and connect teachers and students on one platform.

Digital tools are used to improve the management of academic processes and encourage collaboration with others.

These tools also offer the best features to build strong communication between students and teachers.

Nowadays, students use various digital tools in their daily life.

Therefore, the use of teaching aids is becoming more and more important for students to work effectively.

The latest digital tools also allow teachers to manage their work and their students’ report.

Most teachers use digital tools to take care of students’ assignments, monitor their grades, and overall performance.

Teachers can easily assign new assignments to their students and take tests at any time using digital tools.

Many digital educational tools have been launched to provide students with the best digital educational experience.

However, in this article, we’re going to discuss the top five digital teaching tools for students and teachers.

5 best digital education tools

The tools mentioned play an important role in building better communication between students and teachers. Here we go:

Google Classroom

It’s one of the best online tools for schools to streamline assignments, encourage collaboration, assign assignments, and grade.

The best thing about this tool is that it encourages collaboration between students and teachers.

This is where teachers create a classroom and add students directly by name or by sending code to join.

Students can see the tasks due and participate in the discussion forums.

Main features:

  • Set classroom themes with whatever logos or colors you want
  • Reuse tests and assignments for future classes
  • Allows you to add content
  • Allows you to share pictures or links from other websites
  • You can also export grades to Google Sheets
  • Set permissions for teachers to create and manage classrooms.

The main focus of this online tool is to provide the best way to share files between teachers and students.


This online tool is widely used by students and teachers for educational purposes to review the copyright content of their work.

The plagiarism checker checks the duplicate content of the document by comparing it with various online resources.

Simply paste the data directly into the input field or upload files from the system to check for duplicate content:


To exclude a URL, click Exclude URL and paste the URL:

PrepostSEO 2

There is also an option to check indifferent languages ​​for copyrighted content as follows:

PrepostSEO 3

Main features:

  • Upload data: The tools also support files from all formats like Txt, Doc, Docx etc.
  • Highlight sources: This online tool highlights the plagiarized report by matching it with various online resources.
  • Percentage: It also shows the plagiarized content and the unique content percentage.
  • Chrome extension: The Chrome extension of this amazing tool is also available for quick access for webmasters and students.
  • Deep search: The deep search feature of this online tool is fantastic.

The date is also compared with various offline resources.


The online zoom tool is perfect for students and teachers to create an online class or meeting.

You can use the tool to create new meetings and provide functionality for chatting with other team members.

The online tool is also often used to manage projects and tasks.

Main features:

  • Join or create a meeting: This great tool is great for joining or creating a meeting at any time.
  • Schedule a meeting: You can use the online tool to schedule a meeting automatically.

If you want to plan courses for the next few days, the tool is your best option.

  • Collects attendance information: when students join the class, they can collect their attendance information.

You may need to register to collect student attendance information.

  • Controlling Media: Zoom also provides an option to mute audio or video during a meeting.
  • Sending Files: You can also send files to any team member using this online tool.



This online tool allows both teachers and students to send and explore educational stuff.

Use this tool to collect the data from the Internet and share it with your team members.

The eduClipper is known for managing academic content online and improving research technology day by day.

The online tool also gives teachers the ability to organize a virtual class with students.

Main features:

  • Here you can create clipboards and add informational data
  • Use Shift to find clipboards
  • The By Type features let you search for a specific type, whether it’s a website or an image
  • Both teachers and students can mark tasks
  • When the content is uploaded to the clipboard, EasyBib automatically creates links to the content



It’s one of the best learning-based tools for students and teachers.

The online tool is focused on developing each student’s writing and reading skills.

The interface of this online tool is quite simple and easy to use.

Here a student can create perfect design picture books for their work.

The design of the image visually represents a student’s knowledge and idea.

Main features:

  • Ease of use: Storybird provides easy access for students and teachers.
  • Access: The online tool can be easily accessed on computer systems, mobile phones and tablets of all kinds.
  • The workflow: The online tools cannot be used with any screen reader.

The tool allows any user to export files including long-form stories and picture books.

  • Creative Stories: Users can create picture books or chapter books with amazing graphics.

Storybird helps every student to write creative stories.


Last words:

Digital teaching aids are often used to connect teachers and students.

You can use any of the above digital education tools to get educational materials from the Internet.

Also, many teachers use digital tools to create groups of teaching or teaching material providers who can help students on a massive scale.

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