Top 11 YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design for Free

What is a good way to learn graphic design without spending money? You’ve probably asked yourself this question before.

Do you have time to watch YouTube to learn graphic design? Do you have time to read articles on the Internet? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely consider watching YouTube channels to learn graphic design for free.

YouTube is a valuable resource for learning graphic design, whether you’re a student or a business owner looking to save on education costs. I’ve compiled a list of 11 great YouTube channels that cover every aspect of graphic design, from branding, logo design, and typography to web design, 3D printing, 2D animation, and video editing.

The best YouTube channels for learning graphic design

Global Graphic Designer Market Size from 2017 to 2022
Global Graphic Designer Market Size from 2017 to 2022

The best YouTube channels for learning graphic design

Below are the eleven best YouTube channels to help you understand and learn different aspects of graphic design for free:

The future academy

Subscribers – 356,000
Creator – Chris Do

This channel by Chris Do is a must-read if you’re into typography, geometric shapes, and creative design. His color palettes and patterns are always fascinating.

The Futur Academy is the sister channel of The Futur which mainly focuses on 5 important topics like Mindset, Marketing, Sales & Negotiations, Pricing & Motivation. The Futur Academy channel focuses more on the concepts of design and creative professionals.

Satori Graphics

Subscribers – 942,000
Creator – Tom Cargill

Satori Graphics has been around since 2009, delivering high quality tutorials and free PSDs. He has put together several courses from creating a basic website design to becoming a digital artist. If you are serious about learning how to use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator then this is the channel for you.

You can improve your graphic design skills by making the most of your valuable content here. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced graphic designer, you are sure to find something useful here.

There are excellent tutorials on graphic design theory, poster design, logo design, brand identity, and more. If you want to excel as a designer, subscribe to this channel for Illustrator and Adobe tutorials and graphic design content you may need.


Subscribers – 762,000
Creator Dansky

Dansky is a designer who shares his experience and helps ambitious creatives to develop their skills.

In addition to learning the mechanics of Photoshop or Illustrator, you also need to constantly learn new things directly from the best in the business. While many YouTube channels teach you about the software, it’s important that you’re also familiar with the design as a whole. Dansky Youtube channel will surely help you get more exposure in graphic design field.

Will Paterson

Creator – Will Paterson

Will Paterson is a professional game designer, writer, and developer who creates great graphic design tutorials.

Will Paterson’s YouTube channel features videos dedicated to logo design and graphic design careers, giving you an in-depth and personal perspective of working in graphic design and brand identity. This channel will help you gain insights from his perspective on working as a freelance graphic designer.

Top 5 Graphic Design Courses Online

Some of the best graphic design courses include Udemy’s Graphic Design Masterclass, Coursera’s Fundamentals of Graphic Design, and more.

Yes, I’m a designer

Creator Martin Perhiniak

Martin Perhiniak is a certified Adobe Design Master and trainer. Based on student feedback, he was named one of the top 10 Adobe teachers in the world in 2015.

As well as imparting the necessary technical knowledge, Martin also shares design principles, compositional techniques and much more that he learned and developed while working as a designer and retoucher on projects such as Pixar’s car, Toy Story and BBC’s Dr Who for Mattel’s team Hot Wheels.

Gareth David Studio

Subscribers – 580,000
Creator – Gareth David

With the help of Gareth David Studio, you can learn graphic design and bring your imagination to life in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects with his design series and creative software courses.

Gareth specializes in logo and brand identity design. His YouTube channel is a great resource for beginners to learn graphic design concepts.

spoon graphics

Subscribers – 500,000
Creator Chris Spooner

Spoon Graphics creator Chris Spooner offers many informative video tutorials to improve your Adobe Creative Suite skills. He also has a website full of graphic design resources and how-to guides to help you with your day-to-day design tasks.

So, besides this YouTube channel, you can also browse the site for tons of graphic design tutorials, free design resources, and art and design inspiration.


Subscribers – 251,000
Creator – Matthew Fryer

Another popular name on the list is TipTut. With over 500 free video tutorials and articles, it’s the go-to resource for any graphic artist looking to improve their knowledge and skills.

TipTut is a channel that provides creative design tips and tutorials. Here at TipTut, they try to teach you not only the “method” but also the “reason”. It covers a wide range of topics from print design to animation. The one-man show Tip Tut was created by Matthew Fryer in 2016.

sketch together

Subscribers – 106,000
Creator Pablo Stanley

Sketch Together is a fun and informative YouTube channel for new graphic designers. Its creator, Pablo Stanley, is a professional UI/UX designer from Buffalo, NY, and he produces short videos every day that are easy to follow and understand.

Offering informative tutorials and funny observations about the design world, this channel has garnered a massive following of over 106,000 fans since its launch in July 2014.

It’s a great channel dedicated to everything related to UX and UI design and illustrations.

Become a Graphic Designer | graphic design

Graphic design is a creative career. Read this article to get an overview of graphic design and clear doubts and misunderstandings.

Free school graphic design tutorial

Subscribers – 72.2K
Creator – Hafiz Tri Handoko

Free School Graphic Design Tutorial is another great channel to learn graphic design concepts like logo design, business card design, letterhead design, web design and more.

All Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop tutorials are free to learn. The web design tutorials, icon design tutorials and other Adobe Illustrator tutorials are here. Here you can learn Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks for free.

Flux Academy

Subscribers – 430,000
Creator-Ran Segall

Flux Academy is one of the best YouTube channels to learn the art and business of web design. With the help of flux, you can create a successful and fulfilling career as a freelance designer. They will teach you the in-demand skills you need to get there.

The channel is dedicated to helping web designers around the world make a living from their creativity and passion. Learn essential skills from world-class teachers wherever you live.


As you can see, there are many YouTube channels to learn from. I highly recommend finding a few you like and sticking with them. Whether you subscribe or just watch the free content is up to you, but I think it’s a great way to hone your skills. If you start following the YouTube channels above, you’ll soon find your new favorite designer to learn from. So go out, check them out and start learning today!

frequently asked Questions

What is the best YouTube channel to learn graphic design?

The best YouTube channels to learn graphic design are:

  • The future
  • spoon graphics
  • Yes, I am a designer
  • Will Paterson
  • Satori Graphics
  • Gareth David Studio

What Skills Does a Graphic Designer Need?

Skills a graphic designer needs are:

  • creativity
  • typography
  • Understanding of color schemes
  • understanding of design elements
  • Adobe’s Creative Apps knowledge
  • branding
  • Provision of presentations

Do graphic designers work on websites?

No, graphic designers do not work entirely on websites as graphic design is just one of the many skills required to create a website.

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