Top 10 Ways In Which Instagram Has Been A Boon For Budding Artists

Instagram has revolutionized the way people network with each other with its efficient promoting and marketing potential. With the right action plan, you never know what opportunities your account may run into. For budding artists, Instagram has been a blessing as it allows them to grow their presence, generate more opportunities, and showcase their art at no cost.

If you are a new artist with a desire to showcase your work to the world and gain appreciation, then Instagram is the next big thing for you. Mentioned below are some ways in which Instagram can be a blessing for the artist in you.

A Simple but Complete Profile

You can hit it right with a potential buyer by making sure you have a complete profile with a name, display picture, and a bio. Simple and straightforward names with a keyword specifying your art form work efficiently. Your bio should also be engaging.

Option to Connect with Your Contact List

Instagram allows you to connect with all the people mentioned in your contact list. You may have plenty of fans and potential customers who have not been successful in finding you on Instagram.

You have to go to your settings, select “Find Contacts” and connect with all the people you think will be interested in your content and artwork.

You Can “Discover People”

The best way to grow your fanbase on Instagram is to connect with like-minded people. Instagram allows you to do that by using the option of “Discover People.” When you start following another artist, next to the “following” tab, you will find a drop-down menu suggesting all their followers who can also be your potential followers.

Once a start following someone, they will get a notification. After seeing your profile, they might like what they see and follow you back.

Frequent Posting

Maintaining a good posting consistency is an excellent way to connect with your followers and allow them the opportunity to engage with your art frequently. If you post almost every day, it is a unique way to build a strong follower base. You can post in the form of stories or direct detailed posts on your feed.

If done right, stories can increase your followers and spread brand awareness. There is a science behind making stories and allowing them to stand out amongst all. Mentioned below are some tips which will enable you to strengthen your Instagram story game.

  • Use the right story dimensions which are 1080px by 1920px
  • Photos should be less than 30 MB
  • Videos should be under 15 minutes and less than 4 GB
  • Click vertical photos and videos.

Using the Right Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram posts allow others to find your images. To gain more followers and popularize your work, as an artist, you can benefit a lot from using the right hashtags. Think of innovative ways to describe what you do and what you are posting to be able to reach a broad audience.

It is a New World Out There

With so many users, the number of people who can see your artwork is massive. Instagram has a “Search and Explore” option, which art collectors often use to scoop out the best artwork from many. They also use the hashtags to find what they are looking for.

With frequent posting and hashtags, you never know what opportunities your account can run into. If you need someone to manage your Instagram account efficiently, then you can always hire an Instagram marketing service or choose from the various available tools online to be able to use Instagram to its full potential.

Creating What People Like

Once you have appropriately integrated yourself in the art community and with your followers, you will be able to gauge their likes and dislikes. This will help you create your brand awareness and stand out from the crowd.

Be Social

Being on Instagram not only includes posting your artwork for the world to see, but it also includes being social, liking, and commenting on the post of your fellow artists and followers.

For instance, if a fan who has followed you from the start and keeps encouraging you, has commented on your picture and appreciated it, a simple liking of the comment and saying “Thank You” is sufficient.

Do not forget the potential Instagram offers for networking with new people and connecting with your fans. Do not hesitate to reach out to fans and fellow artists. Vocalize what you feel and build secure connections.

Live Videos

Art is not always about the product but also about the effort and work which goes into creating a piece. Your followers are often interested in knowing the process of you working on something. Instagram allows you to go live temporarily and share with your followers a day in your studio or gallery.

This will allow you and your fans to connect on a more personal level. Do not forget to acknowledge their comments and appreciation while going live. Remember, it is a whole new world watching you hence an excellent opportunity for you to leave a distinct mark with your art.

Put Yourself Out There

Adding a personal element to your content is highly essential, and Instagram allows numerous ways of doing it. Do not forget to post a picture of yourself now and then to let your fans get to know you better. As mentioned earlier, you can post photos of you working, or with your kids, your parents, or your pets.

However, this should not be done just for the sake of doing. Authenticity should be maintained in all these photos. If you humanize your artwork authentically, potential buyers will be able to put a face to your work and eventually start recognizing you through it.


Instagram can be perfect for you as an artist, and it highly depends on what you make of it. Growing followers and popularity on Instagram is a gradual process, and it will not happen overnight.

As a budding artist, you must adequately plan all your actions on Instagram, learn from your mistakes, and continue to reach out to your fans in the best ways possible. If you are planning to reach out to an Instagram agency to help you with your content, do the proper research beforehand.