The government is working on stricter standards for social media companies, new age technologies

The IT ministry is working on amendments to the information technology law to gain greater control over social media companies that go beyond the scope of the newly notified broker rules, said government officials, aware of the matter.

“The government is working to add aspects to the IT law, which was last amended in 2008, to be better equipped to deal with social media and other new age technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies,” said a senior government official Trickypedia on condition of anonymity.

It is true that social media companies offer regulated services under intermediary rules, the latest version of which has been in force since May 26, “said another official who was looking for anonymity.

It should also be noted that the regulation of digital media companies, especially digital news agencies, as required under the intermediary rules, following an unfavorable ruling by the Bombay High Court, the stayed the implementation of two regulations on digital news companies, as they went beyond the core IT law.

“With the new changes, the government is trying to address these issues so that the mediation rules can be better enforced among all parties involved,” said the first official.

The government plans to define online bullying and harassment as part of the new legislative changes, among other things. It also intends to add “new age technologies” like blockchain and bitcoin to IT law in order to gain greater control over these companies.

“The last time the IT law was changed was in 2008, and then India’s internet space changed radically. The government expects it to continue to change rapidly, so it is important to look into new technologies, ”said the second official.

The intermediary rules applicable to social media platforms had led to a month-long bitter dispute between the Indian government and the social media giant Twitter, which, according to the government, had failed to appoint key personnel in accordance with the rules.

The fight at last come to an end last month after Twitter made these appointments to the satisfaction of the government.

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