The bootstrapped startup PushOwl is taken over by the French company Sendinblue

PushOwl, an Indian bootstrapping startup developing an online marketing tool for e-commerce stores to enable web push notifications, has been acquired by French SaaS company Sendinblue.

The French company, along with PushOwl, has acquired two other e-commerce marketing companies – Chatra and Metrilo – for a total contract worth more than $ 47 million.

Corresponding Trickypedia’s Quellen acquired Sendinblue PushOwl for over $ 20 million in a same cash and stock deal. As part of the agreement, the entire PushOwl team of 17 will become Sendinblue.

Shashank Kumar, the founder of PushOwl, will continue to lead the company and will also join the Sendinblue leadership team as VP of Product.

Founded in 2016, PushOwl helps e-commerce companies within the Shopify network send push notifications to their customers and currently has over 25,000 merchants using its tool, including Sugar Cosmetics, Culture Kings, and Lange Beauty, among others.

Around 80% of PushOwl’s customers are based outside of India. The company currently serves over 25,000 customers around the world (mostly in the US).

“Sendinblue does email and internal SMS very well. What they didn’t have were push notifications. So the idea behind the acquisition is to add push notifications and bring their other offerings under one roof, ”said Shashank Kumar, founder of PushOwl, during an exclusive interaction with Trickypedia

The PushOwl team will help Sendinblue expand its trading wing, Kumar told us.

In FY21, PushOwl had sales of Rs 14 crore and a profit in the range of around Rs 2.25 crore, Kumar claimed. According to the company’s regulatory records, the company had FY2o sales of Rs.7.06 billion and profits of Rs.1.96 billion. In FY19 it made sales of Rs 1.86 crore and a profit of Rs 22 lakh.

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