The best ecommerce invoice templates to use for free

Building an ecommerce brand takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. Often times, some days you have to act as a web designer, marketer, accountant, sales rep, or even a shipping driver. However, there are now many cloud-based ecommerce tools available to do some of the day-to-day tasks associated with these roles.

Invoicing is one of the tasks that can be automated and stress-free. Instead of using manual invoicing, Excel, and Google Sheets, you can use cloud-based invoicing apps with templates to create and manage invoices for new and recurring orders.

A study by Statista estimates that the number of digital shoppers worldwide will reach 2.14 billion in 2021. The 1.32 billion increase in 2014 shows how people are gaining trust and accepting online commerce. Only brands that automate long / repetitive tasks and provide an instant user experience can potentially meet the growing demand.

Why Does Your Ecommerce Business Need Free Invoicing Software?

Whether you run a small business with few customers or a larger ecom brand with regular customers, billing apps can help you improve your pay. With just a few clicks you will receive an individual invoice for your brand.

Billing apps help companies keep records

If you want to effectively manage how much your ecom store makes and spends, an invoicing app is perfect for your brand. Managing a business can be overwhelming, and it’s even more difficult to manually keep track of revenue, unpaid orders, and other types of records. With an invoicing system, you can see all the information about your sales and purchases.

Invoices can serve as a marketing tool

Many invoicing apps have a drag-and-drop function that allows you to conveniently create professional invoices in minutes. You can customize templates to find a unique design that will boost the brand’s reputation and customer experience. Instead of a generic email or paper, you can send invoices that include your logo, tagline, and every other detail that represents your brand. Some brands include product images on their invoices. This is what sets them apart from other e-com stores.

Invoices serve as tax or legal evidence

Invoices show that a transaction has taken place between you and your customers. In the event of non-payment for goods or even a financial audit by one of the authorities, an updated invoice log can serve as evidence.

Especially during the pandemic, small businesses struggled to process international orders due to different laws. However, many invoicing programs reduce the burden by regulating compliance with different tax and accounting laws in different countries.

7 Free Invoice Template Ecommerce Tools

Invoicing apps automate invoicing processes and save you the stress of manual entries in MS Word or Excel templates. If your e-com shop is integrated with an invoicing tool, invoices are automatically generated and sent to customers.

Since you don’t have to pay for paper, printing, and postage, using an invoicing app saves your business a lot of money too. With the following tools, you don’t have to worry about creating invoices from scratch. The list in this article is not exhaustive and there are other free printable business invoice templates available.

# 1 bill quickly

Over 25,000 customers love Invoicequick for its professional invoice templates and other user-friendly functions. It’s an invoicing app that allows you to create custom invoices in minutes. Invoicequick has an extremely intuitive user interface and customizable templates that allow you to use your brand colors, slogan, logo, and more. You can save customer profiles, invoices and access dashboards for transaction tracking, profit monitoring and customer management.

# 2 hiveage

Hiveage makes it easy for your customers to get timely quotes, reminders, reports, and more. Although Hiveage offers paid services and additional tracking / reporting functionality, the invoice generator is free. Even so, you get access to a tool that is very intuitive, easy to use and fast. You can customize templates with your logo and other branding elements. In fact, Hiveage walks users through the sections and steps for submitting invoices. It integrates with a dozen payment gateways so you can be sure that you will receive payments with ease.

# 3 Shopify invoice generator

Shopify is widely known as an ecommerce store builder tool. However, you don’t have to own a Shopify store to use the free invoice generator. You can use it as many times as you want for both personal and commercial use. All you have to do is fill in the required fields, customize with your logo and immediately generate an invoice. With Shopify, you can create unlimited invoices and save, print or email them directly to your customer or customer for free. This makes billing and collecting money much easier.

# 4 Billed

Invoiced is another powerful invoice generator that comes with highly customizable templates. Just like with Hiveage, it shows you how to properly bill you and walks you through the steps to customize invoices. Invoiced has an intuitive interface and you can customize templates with your logo, colors, etc. For premium features like reporting, alerts, payments, etc., you need to upgrade to the paid version to get access.

# 6 Bill ninja

Over 120,000 companies trust Invoice Ninja for their stunning billing capabilities. Invoice Ninja lets you customize templates with your brand logo, colors, and more. It has a live PDF preview feature that lets you see changes and work while editing. You can send invoices by email and get paid instantly. It’s built into over 40 payment gateways so you can accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, etc. Invoice Ninja offers a free forever version and various payment plans.


Invoicing apps are changing the way ecommerce brands send invoices and collect payments. With numerous payment integrations, it’s now easier for businesses to send invoices and receive payments from customers and customers around the world.

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