The 5 most important skills you need to become a B2B writer

A company that sells its products and services to other companies is called B2B or business-to-business. So, B2B writing simply means writing for companies that sell products and services to other companies. Some examples of B2B business models are:

  • A SaaS company that sells budgeting tools to other companies.
  • An industrial machinery manufacturer that sells industrial machinery to other companies.
  • An insurance company that sells commercial insurance to other companies.

Just like a customer-centric company, a B2B company needs marketing content to reach its target audience. Since the target group consists of other companies, their marketing techniques differ from the established commercial marketing gimmicks. This is where B2B content writing plays an important role, as does a B2B author.

Formats of writing B2B content
Skills Required to Become a B2B Author

Benefits of B2B writing
Industries that need B2B writers
Secrets to increase B2B sales

Formats of writing B2B content

In the context of freelance writing, B2B writing is a type of content writing. The only specific and important difference between B2B writing and other forms of content writing is the target audience. Depending on their products or services, brands engage in different formats of B2B content writing. Some common forms of writing B2B content are:

  • Newsletter
  • Info products or infomercials
  • Social Media Promotion
  • eBooks
  • advertising texts
  • case studies
  • press releases
  • blog entries
  • Email Campaigns
  • video scripts
  • web design
  • infographics

Skills Required to Become a B2B Author

Leading B2B Content Marketing Goals Worldwide (2021)
Leading B2B Content Marketing Goals Worldwide (2021)

There are many job opportunities for a B2B writer. The big question is – do you have the skills needed to become a successful B2B writer? A successful B2B writer needs certain specific skills, including word pronunciation.

advertising texts

Meaningful content that is easy to read, engaging, and successfully leaves the reader wanting more is what copywriting is all about. The author must be able to disclose facts within the context of the article that add value to the reader. It’s one of the most important skills for a B2B writer.


A word, but it’s the backbone of a successful article. The research helps to understand the nuances of a company, the target customer, the buyer persona and the company’s marketing strategy. This, in turn, helps create content that is sharp, focused, and specific in its delivery. Some questions to ask yourself before creating content would be:

  • Who is the target group?
  • Which pain points are addressed?
  • What is currently being received by the target customers?

Business and Industry Knowledge

It is of course necessary for a B2B writer to know the business and its inner workings in order to create great content. It is important to know the company’s vision and market and to understand how marketing, leadership and sales work. However, a practical knowledge of the industry to which the company belongs adds another layer of effectiveness to the content created. Industry knowledge allows for a deeper understanding of the issues that need to be addressed.

Detail-oriented writing process

When it comes to creating B2B content, it is essential to know that companies value statistics, facts and useful information, usually backed up by case studies. These are very different from B2C content writing, which is typically driven by emotional and impulse buying. The B2B writing process is detail-oriented, factual and has real value in terms of return on investment.


When working with companies and brands, adaptability is a skill that is a must. In a field like content writing, companies are always looking for new ideas and innovative approaches to reach their target audience. This need is more pronounced for a B2B content writer. Outcome-oriented content is one that reaches the target audience with relevant content material at different stages of the buying journey. This requires quick adaptation to situations and the creation of relevant content.

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Benefits of B2B writing

Business to business writing is specialized and laser focused. So while skills appropriate to this form of writing are required, there are several benefits associated with B2B writing. These are:

  • It is financially rewarding work because of its specialization.
  • It offers an excellent opportunity to work with globally recognized brand names.
  • It allows an author to explore new subject areas.
  • It helps build new relationships within the industry.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to experiment and gain experience with different forms of writing.

Industries that need B2B writers

Almost all industries need B2B writers. While it’s impossible to create a comprehensive list that covers all industries, there are a few prominent industries and brands in these areas that offer B2B job opportunities.

  • telecommunications
  • tech hardware
  • hospitality
  • Travel
  • automobile
  • education
  • IT service
  • finance
  • logistics
  • marketing
  • personal hygiene
  • sustainability
  • drug
  • biotechnology
  • property
  • construction
  • IT service

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B2B writing opportunities can be found on sites like LinkedIn, Monster, etc., where companies and brands often list their needs. A B2B content writer can apply with a portfolio of previous posts and a resume that highlights their skills. As a profession, B2B writing is in high demand and a skilled writer can build a successful career with this specialization.

frequently asked Questions

What is B2B writing?

Simply put, B2B writing means writing for companies that sell products and services to other companies. This can take the form of blog posts, case studies, sales writing, emails, white papers, and more.

What skills do I need to become a B2B writer?

The following skills are required to become a successful B2B writer:

  • advertising texts
  • research
  • Business and industry knowledge
  • Detail-oriented writing process
  • adaptability

What are the benefits of B2B writing?

There are various benefits of B2B writing, such as:

  • It’s worth it financially.
  • Offers the opportunity to work with global brands.
  • Helps authors explore new subject areas.
  • Helps build new relationships in the industry.
  • Provides an opportunity to experiment with different forms of writing.