So move all of your WhatsApp groups and start Signal

Moving WhatsApp groups and chats to the Signal app is a request that came in quickly and violently after the privacy policy was made available to Facebook’s own Messenger app. New Signal users often run into problems after signing in ie transferring old WhatsApp groups to Signal.

How to move WhatsApp groups to the Signal app

Create a group on Signal

Open the menu with three vertical dots and select New Group. You now have to manually add another member to form a group. Give the new group the name of your choice and add a picture if you really want to. Click the button in the lower right to continue.

We recommend using the same name so that your contacts can identify it quickly.

Get the group invite link

Go to the Group Settings tab and select “Group Link”. Activate the option “Toggle group link” and you will receive a shareable invitation link to register your contacts in the application and access the group. Open the Options menu and select Group Settings. Then tap on Group Link.

Share the invitation link

Enable the Group Linking option and tap on Share. You can share it with your previous WhatsApp groups so that users can join your newly created signal group right away.

Copy the group link by clicking Copy.

Open WhatsApp, go to the group you want to transfer and send a link. Any of your contacts can easily access the new group created in Signal. When there are all contacts in the new group, completely delete the previous group in WhatsApp.

Signal is simple, accessible, and works great like an everyday messaging app.


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