Smart ways to improve your online sales performance

When you run an online store, you want to get as many sales as possible. Even a business that’s already doing well could probably do even better if certain improvements were made. These improvements could prove to be quite complex and are best left to experienced experts. However, sometimes they can be something that doesn’t require a lot of expertise at all.

For example, improving the management of a Shopify fashion store’s inventory can make things run smoother. This can help ensure that you have inventory available and orders arrive on time, and it will also help improve sales and strengthen your brand. However, good inventory management isn’t the only way to improve the sales performance of your online boutique store. Check out some other examples that can make a huge difference.

build up trust

It is very important that your visitors feel they can trust you. With that in mind, it’s important to be honest with all of your wordings and advertisements in your store. It may be tempting to make wonderful claims in the hopes that it will encourage people to buy, but it will likely do more harm than good. If you are caught being dishonest it can lead to you losing the prospect altogether.

build up trust

Another way to build trust is by using social evidence. This means that you will use testimonials and other examples from people saying good things about your product. This can be especially helpful if the person is a known authority in the field. In fact, around 70% of buyers will trust a recommendation even if it is from someone they don’t know. Also, remember that social evidence can be especially effective in explaining to your potential customers how beneficial your product has been to the user.

Use calls to action

The importance of a call to action (CTA) cannot be underestimated. For one, they make it easier for your visitors to navigate your website, especially important pages like the check-out page. They can also be very persuasive and convince your visitors to take action that might otherwise not be taken.

A good CTA should be placed in a prominent place. The text should also be compelling and straight to the point so your visitors know exactly what the button is for. Avoid being too smart or tricky in the text or the message may not be clear. Even the color of the CTA can affect its effectiveness, and you can split tests to get the best formula.

Take advantage of abandoned shopping carts

Around 70% of people will exit their shopping cart and most of them will not return to complete the purchase. Despite the task, the prospect of the product should be quite warm. It’s just that things show up and people never get around to making the purchase, or maybe it’s a little out of their reach financially. While this might seem negative at first, the reality is that abandoned shopping carts are full of marketing potential.

Take advantage of abandoned shopping carts

Don’t just leave abandoned carts behind; instead, use their potential. They provide valuable information about which products your customers are interested in. If a certain product has been in a shopping cart for a long time, a discount on the product is likely to be well received. It can be very successful, and around 28% of all ecommerce revenue comes from abandoned cart emails.

Optimize the checkout process

Online shoppers don’t like having to provide a lot of details. It can be time-consuming, tricky, and quite frustrating for many to just give up. This is especially the case when users are using mobile devices with small screens and on-screen keyboards. With that in mind, you are doing yourself a great favor by making the buying process as easy as possible.

Avoid asking for too much information. Instead, ask only for the information necessary to make a purchase. Make sure the user interface is sleek and as easy to use as possible. Try it for yourself and wonder if the process could be easier.

Create a sense of urgency

As mentioned earlier, shopping cart abandonment rates tend to be very high. One way to overcome this is to encourage the buyer to buy the product there and then leave it in their shopping cart to buy later. One way to achieve this is to create a sense of urgency when purchasing a product.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can try using a warehouse counter. When stocks are running low, people are more likely to make a purchase right away so as not to miss out entirely. You can also try offering discounts on products for a limited time. Many people will choose to buy right now in order to get the product at a better price.


Many buyers will be happy to make additional purchases or upgrades when prompted. For example, if a customer purchases an accessory from a fashion store, an offer of a matching accessory is likely to be appreciated. Not only can this help increase sales, it can also add value to your services and strengthen your brand.


The suggestions above are relatively easy to implement, but they can go a long way in improving your sales performance. While they are quite simple, they are also suggestions that many people overlook as they design and improve their businesses. If you haven’t implemented them yet, make sure you do. We promise you will be very satisfied with the end results.

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