How To Make Reddit Bot : Auto Upvote and Downvote [ Pro’s And Con’s ]


Hey Folks, After the Famous bots of Whatsapp bot, Facebook Bot and Quora Bot You must be Wondering If there could be a bot of Reddit, Isn’t it?

So, If You are Wondering How to make it, then You are at the Wrong Place. [ Read Further 😉 ]

Because We have Already Found a Reddit Bot For You, and I am delighted to say that we are sharing it with our trickypedia readers.

As it is exclusive to all our readers, So without further ado Let’s Get started <3.

What You Will Learn :

  • Basic Features Of Reddit
  • General Features  Of Reddit
  • Main Features Of Reddit
  • Download Reddit Bot With Some Proxies
  • Pros And Cons  Of Reddit [ With Risk Level Explained ]
  • Should You Relay On them?
  • What is the Best Way to Get Reddit Upvotes, Downvotes and Comments
  • Conclusion

Basic Features Of Reddit Bot

This program allows complete automation of the monotonous tasks that help to build your Reddit accounts Followers, Subscribers & in turn, video interactions.!
This Bot has been developed to work within Windows operating system only.
Full customisation of accounts & delays is available within all of our bots.

Reddit Bot General Features:

  • Bypass API – Acts Like A Browser User
  • Fully Multi-Threaded – Run Up To 100 Threads Per Instance
  • Multi-Account Management – Support Unlimited Accounts
  • HTTP Proxy Compatible – User/Pass Authentication & IP Authentication
  • Link Proxies To Accounts / Load Proxies Separately / Reload Proxies From URL Every X Minutes
  • Built-In Proxy Checker – Checks For Valid Proxy Access & Also To Check If Banned From Site
  • Spintax Compatible – For Use With Commenter & Other Features
  • Full Process Logging – Reports All Actions – Can Be Disabled
  • Cookie Usage – Uses Cookies Between Sessions To Prevent Constant Logins
  • Captcha Support – Supports Manual Entry, De-Capture & DeathByCaptcha
  • Built-In Spintax Checker
  • Automatic Updates & Update Checking

Reddit Bot Main Features:

  • Account Checker – By Logging In / Check By Profile Page
  • Account Creator
  • Link Submitter
  • Submission Voter – Keyword Based Submission Finder & Vote Up/Down Capabilities
  • Mass Promoter – Mass Vote Up Mode
  •   Vote Down Mode
  •  Friend Mode
  • Comment Mode
  • Commenter – Keyword Based Submission Finder
  • Scheduling AbilitiesFor:Liker, Commenter
  • Spintax Checker
  • Proxy Tester

We will Provide Some Proxies Too So Don’t Worry. 

Pro’s :

1. It is very Fast in working.


3.Legit Application

Con’s :

1. Your Reddit Account may Get Banned Using this.

2.We are not responsible for any Harmful things.

3.Very Difficult To Understand the Features.

4. It will Not Work in Mac os


Note: We Have not developed this Application. So We Can’t Tell You How It Works, Do Find By Your Own.

Visit Here To Get The Application And Proxies : Reddit Bot

How To Get Quora Upvote : Quora Upvotes and Guide 

Should You Relay On them?

First Of All, It may cause Various Ban To You. As This Bot Continuously Upvote or Downvote Which In result Can be caught by Reddit Algorithm.

You May Face This 3 Types Of Ban :

1. Subreddit Ban:

After a ban from a specific subreddit, you are not able to post link or comment to that subreddit. You will receive a message from a moderator describing the reason(optional) and a time limit of your ban.

2. Subreddit AutoModerator Ban:

An Auto moderator is a Bot which automatically removes your links or comments. The only difference is you can post your content but they are automatically removed from the subreddit.

3. Shadowban:

Its the hardest ban to detect. The worst part is you even are not aware of the fact that you are actually banned on Reddit. After getting shadowbanned on Reddit, your content is visible to you only, and not to any other user. Shadowban is a result of spam activities performed by a particular user.  A shadowban is tricky because it will look like as if all of your content is visible on the website, however other users will not see your content.

So Stay Way From This Bot : Use Organic Way <3

Legit Way to get Reddit upvotes and Comments.

Join This Groups To Get Upvotes.

Join the Following Groups.

1. Upvote Crew.

One of the best Group on Social Media platform and it is damn active. And also my favourite group 🙂

Here is the quick Overlook of the Upvote Crew.

Group Admins : –  Mc Naveen and Amitabh Songara

2. Inbounders.

This group has more than 450 + members from different parts of the country. And they are also ready to help.

Group Admin : Gareth Daine

Conclusion :

I hope You Liked the article, I have not Personally Used it. If It is Working For You Do Message on Facebook Or Tweet Us.

If We Liked Your method We Will Update here and In return, You will win a reward.

That’s All For this Article, We are Writing On Some More Bots !! Guess Which One Is Coming. Till Then



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