Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Social Media Than Traditional Media

Not long ago, advertising was television and newspaper centric. But, times have changed since then. As people are moving more towards digital media, social networking websites are emerging as a better alternative to traditional advertising.

Look around, and you would find every 9 out of the top 10 businesses having an online presence. The message is clear – move online and take your business to new heights. This blog will make clear the benefits of advertising on instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

Scroll down to know how you can make your business the next headline thing.

Why Should You Choose Social Media for Advertising?

1. Increasing the Visibility of Your Brand

Various popular brands like Nike, KLM, General Electric, Lego, and many other brands have shown how social media ads can boost revenue.

Nike’s ‘#Breaking2’ and ‘Just Do It’ campaigns on Facebook and Twitter was an instant rage all around the world. It drove the brand’s popularity to record levels.

Lego has about 4 million followers on Instagram. By redefining its distinctive pop culture, they create a fresh bunch of customers every time they post a video advertisement on Instagram.

With ads published on social networking websites, brand visibility becomes an easy task. What was earlier, a grand affair has now become relatively easy. All you should know is how to design your video and position it appropriately in the news feed of your target audience.

2. You Get a Large Pool of Customers for Free

On Instagram, there are over 1 billion monthly active users. If you consider the number of daily active users, it is well over 500 million.

Facebook has about 2.5 billion monthly active users. Twitter enjoys the patronage of 330 million users every month. With 310 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is not far behind either.

By advertising on social media, you get this huge customer base for free. All you need is high quality, attractive, and relevant video ads to turn the networkers into customers.

3. More Transparency Creates Better Brand Loyalty

Excellent videos and photo content create loyal customers.

Consider Oreo, which took the concept of agile marketing to a new height, with its aggressive online campaigns. Oreo does not feel shy about sharing bizarre recipes and light-hearted humor to promote its brand. The result – Oreo won the 2013 Cyber Grand Prix awards and has about 34 million followers on Facebook.


GoPro is another classic example of how you can use Instagram to expand your business. With their extreme sports clippings, shot with the fish-eye lens, any new visitor would instantly become a fan of the brand and would eagerly wait for new videos.

4. Social Media Advertising Creates Credibility

Sometimes, the digital world is even better than the real one.

Brands staying away from the tumult of the digital world can only regret having missed out on opportunities. When a brand stays connected with its followers, it creates a good vibe among the community. By staying in the limelight, brands show how much they care.

As customers are more inclined to buy products that suit their style, it would provide you a good opportunity to design a style that would satisfy the visual and mental tastes of your customers.

5. Social Media Advertising Leads to High Conversion Rate

Imagine you are watching a movie and after some time, the advertisements begin. 9 out of 10 people would switch the channel.

Or imagine you are reading a newspaper that has more than 20 ads. How many do you view carefully? Chances are you see no more than 3.

Video ads take away the probability and make sure that viewers will watch your video ad, provided it suits their tastes. Higher engagement leads to a higher conversion rate. This model is a game-changer for businesses.

Another advantage of a video ad is its permanence. Traditional ads come and go without leaving a lasting impression on the viewer’s minds. Video ads, on the other hand, are permanent, and you may easily target a wider audience.

6. Social Media Advertising Popularizes Your Business at Half the Cost of Traditional Marketing

Traditional advertising follows the ‘one size fits all’ model. There is no guarantee that the ads you spend millions on will reach the targeted audience.

Social networking websites, on the other hand, target users based on their age profile. Artificial Intelligence makes sure that the little payment you make creates the right buzz.

Social networking websites categorize users based on their age profile and search preferences. So, you can stay assured that the ad you are making public goes to the right people.

7. Ads on Social Media are Non-Intrusive

As much as we dislike advertisements when a vital scene of a movie or a daily soap is going on, we cannot choose to ignore it.

Social media ads have so far handled this disruption quite effectively. Be it Instagram stories, or Facebook videos ads, advertisements so easily mingles with the news feed that the users hardly consider it as a disruption anymore.

Instagram stories are a great way to share content with 24 hours validity. Businesses use this method to create content that is attractive and prompt the viewers to take quick action.

How to Create the Best Advertisement on Social Media

Creating a social media ad is an art. You have to choose appropriate images, sounds, colors, visual effects, and combine all of these with your editing skills to create the next best advertisement.

You can also choose a instagram story template free. You may choose from more than a thousand customizable, flexible, and eye-catching ad templates and create your video story in less than 10 minutes.

To create the best video ad for social media platforms like Instagram, you need a video library, power transitions, multiple layers, automated voice-overs, intelligent frames, and multi-lingual videos. All of this can be found in online video editing platforms.

Advertising on social media is the best thing to have happened to brand promotion. It has redefined the way businesses promote themselves. Ride the wave by creating your online ad now, and who knows, your company might be the next internet revolution.