Our morning desert safari review with DesertRaja

Who would not fancy a mesmerizing morning in the middle of a vast red desert?

Undoubtedly, you can fancy an early morning desert expedition complete with falcons, delicious Arabian breakfast in the desert, and camels when visiting morning desert safari with Desertraja. 

Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, desert safari brings you closer to nature and every experience is better than the previous one. Heading towards the east in the Arabian desert one can see mesmerizing landscapes and different sand dunes. The experienced drivers take you over the dunes and into the wilderness of the vast desert on their rugged jeep. This drive over soft sand dunes is sure to stake off on your adrenaline rush. 

Although the major part of this morning desert safari starts when you reach the campsite, the rawness of desert experience and beautiful pictures is something you get while enjoying the drive over soft sand dunes. One can experience beautiful glimpses of the Arabian culture while living overnight at a campsite in the middle of the desert. You get a traditional welcome with Gahwa, a traditional Arabic coffee with local dates. Along with traditional drinks, you get a variety of drinks to choose from as your welcome drink. We were lucky that we found desertraja online and booked our desert safari in dubai with them.

Why Choose Desertraja

Desertraja provides the best customer service, in the evening you get a fascinating experience of interacting with the national bird of the United Arab Emirates, the Falcon and the Falconer. This experience is not only thrilling but educating as well as you learn more about UAE’s national bird. You are also able to take selfies with this fascinated Falcon. A trip to the desert is incomplete without riding the ship of the desert, the Camel which is another attraction at these campsites. Moreover, sandboarding brings out the child in you and lets you enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

Moving future into the darkness, you are offered Shesha, the Arabic water pipe before partaking in a delicious Arabian dinner which just like Arabian breakfast comprises both local and regional items. You are also offered to have a glimpse of Arabian culture by having a Henna tattoo imprinted on you by a traditional Henna tattoo artist. Besides the Henna tattoo, you can have a memory lane of photographs by getting your photo clicked while wearing a traditional Arabic dress. 

To top it all, you get to see beautiful sunrise from behind the sand dunes the next morning that is sure to take away your stress and make you calm just like a baby sleeping in the arms of its mother as you wake up in the arms of mother nature. After completing this safari the driver brings you back to your destination. 


Lastly, this morning desert safari with Desertraja.com is a great way to invigorate the senses with a plethora of food, sun, and fun. You should definitely try desertraja and book your next safari with them.