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Supply chain network is the network between the source of the product and the customer. Every company has to sell the product to the customer at low cost. So we’ll see Case study on supply chain network design of the products in the following sections.

Supply chain network design is very important to understand as it will help you determine the cost and time it will take to get the product to market. this Supply chain management case study will give you examples and show you that there is no definitive way to come up with a supply chain design as it depends on the distance between the source of the product and the market.

Case study on supply chain network design of housewares
Case study on supply chain management for shoe manufacturers
Case study on the supply chain for a pharmaceutical company
Supply chain case study for security equipment companies
Supply chain case study for an electronics company
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Case study on supply chain network design of housewares

Housewares supply chain network

As we all know the Network design in the supply chain works very simply, ie the producer takes the raw material from the supplier, then produces the product and then sells it to the customers. Every company has its own Supply chain network design… one of the most important Network design case study examples is from a household manufacturer. The manufacturer of cookware, tableware or household appliances wants to change its supply chain management system.

  • The first step of Network design in supply chain management is to get the manufacturers to put together a team that will develop the best supply chain management system for the company and also look at the key locations and gather all the data they need to build the supply chain system.
  • In the second step, the data is collected, analyzed and developed into a suitable chain network for the company. Meetings are held to validate the plan for the management system.
  • Third, an experiment must be prepared to test the correctness of the plan. Building on this, a long-term plan is then developed.
  • Fourth, also look for other alternatives in order to get the best plan for the care system. All alternatives for Supply chain network designs compared to determine the best model for the supply chain. Overall, the best model in terms of cost and service performance is selected, after which it is assessed in practice.

There is no plan that can be used forever. After each time interval, the company must adjust its plan according to the company’s performance and demand.

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Shoe company’s supply chain

this Examples of supply chain case studies based on shoe company mainly focuses on three main channels: –

  • First, they focus on retail stores so that people can physically purchase products there. It can build trust and relationships with customers that are beneficial to the company. Choosing one of the best locations for retail is also one of the biggest challenges for the company.
  • Second, B2C sales are aimed directly at potential customers. It is very beneficial to the company as it reduces transportation costs, but it is not always profitable. Many companies also use third-party vendors to manage their B2C sales.
  • Third, ecommerce websites are one of the most popular platforms for many shoe companies as they drive sales campaigns that increase their sales and company profits. It does not require a transportation system through the company as the entire distribution system is managed by the e-commerce company.

Case study on the supply chain for a pharmaceutical company

Supply chain design for pharmaceutical companies

Design of the supply chain network for distribution systems for medical or pharmaceutical companies is very difficult. It is subject to strict government rules and regulations as well as temperature. It must be sent in special packages and within a tight delivery schedule system. the Network design in the supply chain the pharmaceutical industry depends on the current demand and forecast information from customers.

Manufacturers cannot create an optimal supply chain because customer demand fluctuates from different locations. the supply chain management mainly focuses on improving customer delivery performance and reducing transportation costs for a more optimal region.

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Supply chain case study for security equipment companies

Security equipment company supply chain

The supply chain of safety equipment depends on the demand of the market. Not everyone needs a safety kit, so the model will vary from time to time. One of the last Examples of supply chain case studies, if we look at the coronavirus pandemic situation, the more safety equipment there is for doctors to keep infectious viruses out, the better it is. So the company needs to develop the best model for this situation.

On the other hand, the demand on normal days is very low, so they need to develop a plan for this situation. Other safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher must be transported very safely so that the equipment is not damaged. The company has a different fund Types of supply chain networks and design the supply chain model according to the product and market demand.

Before creating the model of the supply chain, the company must study the current situation and also look for an alternative of the plan. The company needs to do an in-depth analysis and physical design and make detailed information about the situation and then the Network design in supply chain management

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Supply chain case study for an electronics company

Electronics company’s supply chain

After a Case study supplier management, the manufacturer of an electronics company needs to be up to date with the model of the supply chain network to compete within the industry. Focus on one area and prioritize the supply chain.

  • In the initial phase, the supply chain team collects data from the target audience and the market, as well as from their direct competitors. They compare all the data to get the best model of the supply chain.
  • The initial phase of the model provides an opportunity to reduce unwanted transportation expenses and identify where savings can be made, while at the same time improving the supply chain model.
  • The company can also reduce the number of carriers by improving product packaging, labeling, and the bidding process. Improving product packaging can reduce the cost of shipping from different locations.

There are many different Supply chain network Design for every product. The company decides based on customer demand and the market. Under these conditions, they implement the best possible plan. It can vary from company to company.


According to this Case study on supply chain network design, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the supply chain industry; you need to keep abreast of the latest trends and be ready to update to the latest technology when necessary. we hope that Supply chain case study gave you some insight into the first steps you need to take to be successful in the industry!

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frequently asked Questions

What is a supply chain network?

Put simply, the supply chain is the process that encompasses everything from the delivery of the raw materials from the supplier to the manufacturer to the final delivery to the end user.

What are the 5 basic steps of supply chain management?

According to this Supply chain management case study, the basic five steps in supply chain management to consider when planning your strategy are Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return.

Are jobs in demand in the supply chain?

Yes, there will never be a time when that goes out of style. The process just gets more automated over time.

What is the importance of supply chain network design?

The main reason for designing a supply chain network is to evaluate company policies and programs and achieve goals in order to achieve long-term strategic goals.

What is the difference between supply network design and supply chain network design?

According to many Network design case study, Delivery network is developed by connecting multiple supply chains. Look at the operational activities within your organization, these are classified as a supply chain and add value to your company.