How To Make Matrix Falling Code Effect (CMD TRICK)

Everybody loves the visual effect of the falling binary code Known as ” Rain ” in The Matrix. In This article we gonna show you an easy way to create The Matrix rain in your Command Prompt.

Steps To Create A Matrix Rain In Command Prompt :

Step 1 : Open Notepad.

Step 2 : Copy and paste the below code in your notepad :

@echo off
 color 02
 echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%.
 goto start

Step 3 : Click on ” File ” and then ” Save As ” option. Save your file with a ” .bat ” extension i.e ” trickypedia.bat “.

Step 4 : Run that batch file as an administrator and see the magic.

To Stop The Matrix Rain :
Just press CTRL + C , Then you will be asked ” whether to terminate the job ” . Now type ” y ” to stop the program.