How To Improve Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy In 2021

Sales generation is the lifeblood of any e-commerce business.

This makes marketing essential to the success of the e-commerce industry.

However, it can be daunting to keep up with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

In today’s consumer world, traditional marketing methods can only do so much for your business.

You have to think outside the box.

If you need to keep your customers coming back, you don’t just need marketing strategies. You need to grow your sales pipeline.

But how do you do that

In this post, we reveal the most powerful marketing secrets that marketing gurus have been using in years.

The best part?

Each of them is applicable in 2021.

Top Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Will Crash It In 2021

E-commerce consumers are different from B2B consumers. This means that what engages your audience is completely different from a company that sells software.

Start here to analyze your consumer behavior. You can opt for online surveys.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing

Regardless of what stage you are in in the business cycle, whether it’s a startup or an established company, new traffic is always one of your marketing goals.

SEM is the life pump system of traffic.

The online advertising revenue market was valued at nearly $ 125 billion in 2019. And the reasons are not far to be looked for. Your prospects are actively looking for purchases. This means that losing search engine visibility is tantamount to losing money on the table. In addition, SEM gives you the ability to have a strong user experience. It gives your brand access to frequent interactions with your target audience, which ultimately leads to more quality traffic.

SEO: You will be surprised to find that 62% of ecommerce shoppers search online before limiting themselves to transactions.

When you need to close deals you can’t afford to skip organic search engine optimization. But here a word of caution. SEO is a long term process. To benefit from SEO, you have to be patient. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a few sales with it. First, try to rank for keywords with low competition, high volume. This gives you an advantage in the long run.

Bonus tip: Search engines are always looking for new content. You can do this by reusing content and creating more web pages.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

From your neighbor to your goldfish, everyone is on social media. If you’re still losing such a great opportunity to interact with your audience, now is the time to rethink it. But that doesn’t mean that every social media channel will work for you. Start by figuring out your ideal customer’s online activities. Where do you visit most?

Once you’ve decided which platforms you want to be present on, it’s time to show some madness. Simply posting content will not get you any results.

Social media marketing

You need a well-designed strategic social media plan and the right buyer personality.

Creating a buyer personality is easier with demographics (Instagram displays demographics for free on business accounts). You can also check them out on tools like Sprout Social. Audience profiles are fundamental to creating user-generated content. Another way, a content calendar, is best for getting content posted on time, which increases the engagement rate.

WE ARE: As with search engine optimization, social media optimization (SMO) is also responsible for driving traffic to websites, although it depends heavily on the virality of the content. SMO doesn’t require any technical details like SEO and is just as easy to practice as long as you build a strong presence on social media handles. SMO is effective – only if you can turn your followers into loyal prospects.

PPC: PPC leads to a lot of traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is helpful when you prepare to organically rank your keywords. During the tough phase, PPC ads are recommended for niche industries unless they have a lot of traffic and little competition. Google Ads is undoubtedly a good choice for PPC campaigns.

Giveaways: Running freebies will increase your brand’s ROI, although it shouldn’t be your daily activity. In fact, the main agenda in running giveaways is building a strong brand presence. When they talk about the winners, they will be satisfied with the gifts and can be converted into loyal customers. Of course, running freebies on Instagram or other social media platforms early on can add to your brand with more likes or followers.

Bonus tip: Pinterest adds a new feature called Product Pin (you can add multiple items in a single post) that surprisingly increases click-through rate by 40%.

A word of caution, when building an online presence, you need to be careful with the personal information that is traded on these platforms. According to a Covington & Burling privacy attorney, Gabe Madoff, “Determining what is and what is not personal information is different for each company.” For more information, see Osano’s Personal Information Guide.

Content Marketing

Content is king and always will be. However, to demonstrate the power of your content, you need a solid content marketing plan.

Like SEO, content marketing is a long-term game and well worth playing. Content marketing applies to different types of content (e.g. blog post, picture, podcast, survey, etc.). Typically, content marketing helps build trust and authority with customers that traditional commercial advertising agencies don’t. To be honest, content marketing involves doing a thorough study of customers and figuring out their problems.

Lead magnet: The lead Magnet is another essential tool in content marketing. While the competition is tough and difficult to grab customers’ attention, the lead magnet has gotten work. The process becomes easier, while content marketing strategies tend to offer unique value – which solves specific customer problems.

To blog: Blogging is such an indispensable part of content marketing that many consider it synonymous. Powerful blogging can connect your brand with prospects. In fact, user-generated content can increase click-through rates and rank higher in search engines. Additionally, content marketing helps create personalized, strategically crafted content that drives consistent sales and builds your customers’ authority and trust.

Video: All viral content has one thing in common. They are all engaging and fun. Video is certainly one of the most effective forms of content to watch in 2021.

Content Marketing

60% of companies use video as a marketing tool. YouTube is encouraged to create brand awareness and connect with target customers. Videos are also great for social media feeds to build a strong brand presence. On Instagram, short videos have a higher engagement rate that you can use to instantly link your product or service.

You can further improve performance by optimizing your most successful videos for different formats. Converting your videos to blogs is another successful way to go. There are more than one video to text converters out there.

Bonus tip: Buzzsumo is a great platform to analyze different types of content according to your branding needs.

Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing

If your brand deserves a spot on Instagram, you are heading in the right direction as this is the marketplace for mass influencers. Influencer marketing is best for creating brand awareness and attracting large numbers of followers.

It’s even better if you partner with similar niche competitors. Such collaborations are amazing as they help both parties equally. At the beginning it will be difficult to identify the right type of influencer, but in the end you will get used to it.

Bonus tip: Intellifluence is a great influencer platform to target the influencers your brand wants!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is your best chance at building a close relationship with your audience. Remember, however, that asking you to subscribe to your newsletter will not help you build a list of loyal fan bases. You have to offer value in return.

Email marketing seems effective for your entire sales funnel. Keep your customers updated with the latest arrivals, best deals, discounts, latest giveaways, and more.

More often, the email funnel helps abandoned cart to complete the purchase. It is a good place to conduct surveys and ask for feedback. This is helpful in building a strong buyer personality for your product.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is just as lucrative as influencer marketing. It contributes to the sale of your product or service. But to do this correctly, you need to choose which products to include in your affiliate program.

You would see numerous affiliate marketers approaching to promote your products on various digital platforms (using the unique promo code) for commissions. However, you have to settle for those who match your brand.

Public Relations (PR)

PR is responsible for building a clean image of your brand and thus maintaining a positive public image every time. It can be achieved through excessive media coverage. Media reports are themed about the company and allow customers to share their reviews – how they feel about your product, what happens if your product is lacking, etc. For a huge amount of publicity, PR departments are very commendable.


The marketing industry is very dynamic. A lot changes in a short time. However, the basic principles remain unchanged.

If you can keep up with the basics of marketing, no matter what methodology you adapt to, your campaigns will always shine through.

Remember, how you do it can go through changes, but what stays the same.

Therefore, repeat your campaigns over and over again. Until you test your strategy, you won’t know what will work best for your business.

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