How to hide a vertical tab from Microsoft Edge

How to hide a vertical tab from Microsoft Edge: TechMoran

Vertical tabs is a new feature introduced in the Microsoft Edge web browser that allows users to see the list of open or running tabs in vertical format on the left side of the screen. When the user enables the Vertical Tabs feature, Microsoft Edge moves the tab bar from the top title bar to the left sidebar. For this reason, this feature is also known as side tabs. If you never use the Vertical Tabs feature, it can be annoying to see the button on the tab bar.

Hide the “Activate vertical tabs” button on the edge:

In the upper right corner of Microsoft Edge, press the three-dot button.

Select the “Settings” option.

Simply select the “Appearance” option in the sidebar.

Toggle the Show Vertical Tabs option in the Customize Toolbar section.

The Vertical Tabs button will now disappear and you will get the old Microsoft Edge tab layout back.


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