How to clean white nursing shoes?

When you are on your feet all day, it becomes necessary for you to wear comfortable shoes that offer proper support for you feet. But after getting a good pair of nursing shoes, it is always important to know How to clean white nursing shoes? So that your shoes can last longer and stay in good condition. But choosing a perfect nursing shoes is very important, Check here list of best of nursing shoes.

So today in this article, I am going to clear all your confusions related to How to clean white nursing shoes? Let’s just don’t waste time and move further to check out all the steps to clean nursing shoes that will help extend the overall life of the shoes.

How to clean white nursing shoes?

1. Wash Your Shoes Wherever Possible

The easiest and most obvious way of cleaning your nursing shoes is by throwing them in the wash whenever possible. If they are white shoes, putting some detergent and some bleach will be good. If your nursing shoes are made of leather or any other wash friendly material, then you can wash them inside the washing machine.

But if you own shoes like clogs that are made of a whole different material, don’t put them in the washing machine as the machine could damage the material and it could even destroy its shape. It is always better to just use some cold water along with the soap to clean them. And gently wash them with your hands rather than just throwing them in the machine for a quick wash.

2. Use Disinfectant If You Can’t Wash Them

There are some shoes that you can’t just put in the washing machine. Because of the material they are made of. If you own a shoe that is more structured like a synthetic plastic material or any thicker leather, then it is not at all advised to clean that pair of shoes in the washing machine.

Because washing them in the machine can damage the shoes. So, the better option available is to use disinfectant liquid on your shoes to clean them. It could be used after every shift or when you feel like your shoes need a good cleaning of germs.

But let me tell you that the disinfectants could be very harsh on the shoes and they could even remove the protective coating from over the shoes. Therefore, it is better to use the conditioners for diluting the effects of the disinfectant liquid.


So these are the best way to wash the nursing shoes. We have told you both the popular way. Also, let me tell you that there are majorly only in these ways. So not only nursing shoes, but you can wash any shoes that too made of any material with one of the above-specified methods without damaging your shoes.

This is all from our side on How to clean white nursing shoes? Now it is time for you to take your nursing shoes and start cleaning them. It will extend the life of your shoes and keep them look like a new one always.