How to check if your iPhone is under warranty

Most Apple devices come with a one or more year warranty. But if you do, you may be gambling on whether or not you are still insured. Fortunately, you can always check your service contract.

Follow the steps below:

Find your serial number

Turn on the iPhone. Go to the Settings application.

Tap the General tab.

General iPhone settings

Select the “About” section.

In iPhone settings, tap Info

Click and scroll until you see the phrase “Serial Number”.

iPhone "Cover expired" button

Copy the number and write it down on your records

Check the website for Apple Support

Open the browser on your computer or from another device.

Navigate to The page should read, “Check your service and support coverage.”

Enter your serial number in the open field.

Check other devices in the Settings app

If necessary, select your country. Click the Next button”.

Find your iPhone.

Just tap the link “See the coverage of your service and support”.

You can find the status of your guarantee on this page.

This will notify you when the original warranty has expired or is still valid.