How does the random number generator influence the game results in the casino?

The results of online casino games are determined by a program called a Random Number Generator (RNG). As the name suggests, the program provides random results in the software-based casino games. This is used to ensure fair gaming for all users. Random results suggest that the game is not designed to affect one or more players. Rather, they provide players with level ground to play online.

But how exactly does the RNG work to present you with these random results? Let’s find out all about it below.

Random number generator basics

In any land-based casino, the dealers roll the dice, draw cards, and sometimes even flip a coin to get random game results. But influencing the results of online casino games cannot be that easy. Hence the random number generator.

RNG is a complex software program that was specially developed to generate random numbers that are used to decide the game results.

RNG games come with a pseudo-random number generator, a mathematical algorithm that can generate a series of random numbers. This series begins with a starting value, which is a fixed number.

Which casino games use RNGs?

Almost all software-based casino games use the random number generator to influence the game results. Be it hitting a sequence on the payline in a slot game or shuffling the cards in blackjack, the RNG works in the background. However, the live dealer games do not use the concept of RNGs.

How fair are the RNGs?

It is obvious for users to consider whether the RNGs can also be tampered with. And the answer to that is simple: yes. There have been a few instances where the casinos have tried to manipulate the games in order to achieve the desired results and increase their house edge.

However, not all online platforms cheat. There are testing agencies that test and determine the fairness of the RNGs used by the casinos. These agencies also provide the casinos with a certificate of authentication that proves that they are fair in their games. You will usually see these certificate symbols / logos at the bottom of the casino pages. You can even read the entire certificate by clicking on these logos.

Some of the most popular testing agencies are:

eCOGRA: It stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This is a London based testing agency that provides worldwide services that set the gaming standards for player protection.

TST: With offices in various cities around the world, TST is another auditing agency that tests and determines the authentication of the RNGs.

iTechLabs: iTechLabs covers jurisdictions in Australia, America and Europe and offers laboratory tests for online game systems and mobile applications.

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