How do I create a SaaS product demo video? (5 easy steps)

‌‌In the world of SaaS (Software as a Service) industry, demo videos help to attract crowds and attract audience to a specific SaaS brand alongside business model. It offers more value to new users who are visiting the platform for the first time as they need first-hand guidelines on where to go, exact features, how to get started and how to access. The clearer demos and tutorials are, the better.

In the simplest of words, it’s kind of similar to just how MPs are campaigning themselves ahead of the elections by outlining what the upcoming policies and promises might be. It’s more like a tool that showcases content along with benefits, features, and uses and can generate adrenaline rushes to influence more audiences. Therefore, demo videos can contribute to a steady and gradual increase in sales.

So, if you want to create a unique demo video, check out the steps below.

1. The ECG model
2. Stick to your niche
3. Write down your plan
4. Use rich graphics
5. Categorize your target audience

1. The ECG model

ECG – evolving, constant, growth-oriented model. Before deciding on the niche for the first video or each subsequent video, one must keep this model in mind.


It refers to evolving content (the demo video) that must be the latest version. The video should follow current trends and the area of ​​public interest. If the video’s outline and plot is story-based, it can either focus on presenting an old story with the latest influences and trends, or it can have its own unique script.


It is dedicated to all the demo videos that a company launches regardless of the niche. each of them must have some necessary sections demonstrating the guidelines; how the platform can be used; where to go; and other records so that the new users are not at a loss on their first visit.

Aside from the guidelines, the video may end with a note on how to reach customers, with email addresses or phone numbers provided for any queries. However, this communication note does not necessarily have to be present continuously.


This segment may have features of the service or platform that make it stand out. This is the segment where founders can bring their creativity and show how the platform is best and make it their signature product, different from the existing ones in the course. This should explain why users should choose their product (the company that started the demo video). A positive answer to this “why” will lead to growth.

Mixing the above can create a unique demo video for SaaS players.

2. Stick to your niche

Stick to the kind of services offered on your platform, it’s better to highlight them by zooming to this region/button. Explain the simplicity and convenience after pressing the “Send” or “Start” button, after that nothing needs to be done.

It can also include how the work is done behind the screen (perhaps the calculations and calculations), which increases trust and transparency. Also, how to arrange the content in a neat and accessible way, how to engage users, etc.

3. Write down your plan

It’s always a better way to note things and create an outline of what the demo video will look like. It needs to have the right sequence of events and activities with appropriate graphics to match the scenes. Animation segments are separated from realistic visual elements.

4. Use rich graphics

Rich graphic design used in a demo video
Rich graphic design used in a demo video

A rich graphic design is no less than a boon to a demo video script. It often acts as a game-changing factor in increasing reach and sales. Components of the video can have various graphics ranging from captions, voiceovers, animations, shapes, arrows, headers, highlighters and more.

The graphics should also match the target group. If it is aimed at teenagers, it may contain animation and anime characters known worldwide. A boring screenplay can be illustrated in a fascinating way if graphics are used correctly.

It can either start a trend (through basic creative ways), dig up an old popular trend, be a bouncer (by studying the past chart or maybe the 90’s trend), or stick with the current trends.‌‌‌‌

5. Categorize your target audience

If a platform has enough demo videos, the next step could be to create one that has information specific to a certain age group, industry, or segment of society. This will help win the collective conscience of a given domain and convince new and existing users to go ahead and stay on the platform.

If the product is a bit complex and new to the audience, it could be coding and software, then the components of the video must be impressive and should not contain highly technical language and terminologies. Not only will this help increase the stats of engagement among the well-known minds, but it will also serve as a mini-explainer for a layperson. Therefore, it can also help stimulate the viewer’s thought process.

3 Easy Steps to Create Kickass Video Tutorials for SaaS with Top 10 Examples

With video you have up to 12 minutes of undivided attention from your potential customers! So check out these steps to create video tutorials for SaaS.


Here is a step after content creation that plays an important role. Selection of the application in which to post or start the video. It is better to launch it on multiple outlets. YouTube is a well-known platform that can help with public relations and public relations. Follow these steps and create an incredible demo video for your SaaS product.

frequently asked Questions

How do I create a great SaaS demo?

Create a video with your audience in mind, keep it simple, address your customers’ pain points and add customer success stories.

What is a SaaS demo?

A SaaS demo is a demo focused on customers who are new to your product. The demo video shows how to get the most out of the platform while highlighting its features.

How do I create a SaaS product demo?

Focus on your customers’ pain points, show them how your product is better than the competition, and use engaging graphics in the video.