How can the range of the WLAN router be increased?

If you have had seemingly random interruptions while trying to surf the internet, stream series or movies, or play online games, understand the annoyance caused by poor wireless signal strength.

Well if you think you need to replace yours Router login If you buy a new wireless router, you are mistaken. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are also extending the wireless router range without spending any money.

Keep your router in a spacious place

Wireless signals have difficulty penetrating metal and similar dense objects. Obstacles like pipes, metal filing cabinets, and walls can limit your wireless connection. The more obstacles there are between the router and the computer, the more extreme the disturbance becomes.

So you need to set up your router outdoors and away from objects to increase the signal strength. Keeping your router in a corner of your house (or worse, in the basement) can also affect range and capacity. This is because the signal loses its effectiveness every time it passes an obstacle. Keeping the router in a central location can greatly improve the performance of your wireless network.

Here you need to try and place your WiFi router as high as possible and see any devices or devices that you are connecting to. While this isn’t always entirely feasible, getting as close as possible to that goal can improve the range of your Wi-Firouter.

Analyze your Wi-Fi network

Once you use a Wi-Fi analyzer, you can easily monitor your own network as well as other networks whose signals may overlap yours. When working with wireless networks, their signals may cause problems with other Wi-Fi installations nearby.

You may find that you are competing with your neighbors’ router for the same channel. Changing your router to use a different channel can expand your Wi-Fi signal and thus improve performance across the network.

Change router frequencies

Dual-frequency routers now offer you the choice between 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. You may find that switching to the 5.0 GHz band improves your Wi-Firange because other electronic devices cause less interference. This is because the frequency is used less often. Trying it out doesn’t do any harm, and your WLAN range can be increased immediately.

Update your router’s firmware

As with any other type of hardware, your router can become permanently out of date. Router manufacturers routinely bring new firmware to their products that fixes bugs and improves performance and reliability. Unfortunately, your WiFi router (the user) doesn’t often notify you that an update is available for your firmware.

The good news is that downloading and applying the update is a fairly simple process. First, find the model and version numbers on the back of your router. Use the numbers given to find the latest firmware for your router on the manufacturer’s website.

After you’ve downloaded the file, install it by opening your router’s configuration page. Read the documentation that came with your router here to find the IP address for the configuration page. Then go to the firmware upgrade tab and select the downloaded file as the source. Let the upgrade process complete before tapping or clicking any other link on the router configuration page.


So you can check out Learn about the ways you can manage and update your wireless routers. First of all, make sure that you follow all of the points discussed to improve the range of your WiFi.