How to get grammarly premium free ? -Working Method

Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly Premium Free

Do You want Grammarly Premium For Free?

If your answer is, Yes ! Then you have found the perfect article. So Many of us like to write with perfect Grammar.

But we make a hell out of spelling mistakes !

P.s: I always Do 🙁 

So People Like Me, Need something that can fix Our error In a Matter of Second.

For grammatical mistakes Which is best the tool, that Comes to your mind “Grammarly”, Isn’t It?

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So I have been using Grammarly for a while now. But now I found a Trick for Getting Grammarly Premium Account For Free.

Today I will be sharing a Basic and Simple Trick, And It is 100 % Legal. So Don’t Worry 🙂

After reading the entire guide, you can expect to have answers to the following questions:

So Without Further ado, Let’s Get Started !!

How to get a Grammarly Premium Account for free ( Updated )

Step #1 : Go here Access Page.

Step #2 : Put this Code :  trickypedia.comfree

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Step #3 : It will say to download Extensions, Download Both Extensions.

Step #4 : After Downloading go to chrome://extensions

Step #5 : Make Sure developer Mode Is On!

Step #6 : It will say to download Extensions, Download Both Extensions.

Step #7 : After Downloading go to chrome://extensions

Step #8 : Make Sure developer Mode Is On!

Step #9 : After that just Drag and Drop the Extensions

Step #10 : After installing both the extensions and put the access code and you will see Grammarly button.

If you are not able to Install Extension :

#1. Close Chrome

#2. Open it again.

#3. Visit: chrome://extensions

#4. Turn On Developer Mode

#5. Drag and drop Again


Step #1 : Get Your Own Grammarly Premium – Install Grammarly Extension.

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P.s: Grammarly tool is FREE in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox! I am Using Chrome.

Step #2 : Login With Your Gmail, Yahoo or any other Mail You have.If You have Premium account of Grammarly Don’t Login with that Email and Password.

Step #3 : Now Go To any Website Which Supports Grammarly. And In the Right Corner of your browser, you will be able to See Symbol “G in your Browser. Click On It.

If You Want To check whether It Is Working Properly or Not. Visit this Sites Example: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

And Write Something Grammarly will fix the grammatical mistakes automatically.

Step #4 : After Clicking On Grammarly Icon in the Right Corner.Scroll Down, And You can see there is an Option to Get Grammarly Premium Account For Free.

Step #5 : Click On Invite Friends. Now, You Will Get a Referral Link, So Whenever any Friend Installs Grammarly Extension through Your Referral Link You’ll earn one free week of Grammarly Premium Account.

grammarly premium free

grammarly premium free

Tip #1 : So If You Have Great Friends or a Group You can Directly Invite all of them by Just Entering Their Email.And After they Sign Up You Will Get the Grammarly Premium Account.

Tip #2 : You Can also Share On Twitter, Facebook Or Pinterest. If You Wish 🙂

How do we use Grammarly?

Using Grammarly Is One Of the Simplest things. Due to Its User Interface. Therefore I would Not Go In Detail Here. But For Beginners, I will Cover Basic Points. You Can Skip This If You Wish.

If You Are Using It for Writing an Article then You Just have to click On the Grammarly Extension Which Is Located In Our Right Corner.

And Scroll Down You Will See New Document Logo Something Like That.

  • Click On It You will be redirected to Grammarly Documents. Then there will be three options New, Ctrl +V [ Paste ] and Upload.
  • Use Of New :

—> If You want to write the Whole article Click On New.


  • Use Of Ctrl + V [ Paste ] :

—> Paste Your Title and Your Whole Article. And Check Your Grammatical Mistakes.


  • Use Of Upload :

—> If You have written Your Article In Text File Than You Can Upload the .txt File.

Is the Grammarly program helpful in improving writing?

Yes, of course, Grammarly Eliminate grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.Improve word choice and meaning. And It is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Is it safe to use Grammarly Premium Account Safe?

Yes, Of course, this Is Not cracked or something Like that, It is Completely Legal as it is Powered by Grammarly Officials. No Worries about that, Just Enjoy!!

Conclusion :

Thank You For Reading my article about Grammarly Premium. Hope It was Useful For Everyone I Tried to make it Short and Simple.

If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to comment below. I will be happy to help you out.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends, who don’t know about How to Get Grammarly Premium Account yet. It will help them out. Use the social share buttons to Spread the Knowledge.

So Here You Go Get Your Self Grammarly Premium For Free Account Today.

Hope It was Helpful to You Folks and Would Love to see You all in the Next Post..Something Exciting Is Coming Up. Till Then Peace

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