How Evm Machine Got Hacked l AAP Had Proved l Drawbacks.

Today, In delhi assembly . AAP had proved that EVM machine got hacked. AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj ‘Demonstrates’ How EVMs Can Be Tampered With certain codes. In front of assembly he first showed them ” how the evm machine works “.In a simple manner he gave 1 vote to all parties.


After giving 1 vote to all the parties,they checked the Evm Machine . It was showing 1 vote to all the parties.But then he showed certain codes for Tampering the Evm Machine. He Says that , “If any candidate of opposition party comes and press this codes all the votes of different parties will be distributed to the oppostion party.”


Lets understand it with an example, If a voter of aap party comes to the strong room and he press this codes for aap party [ note : near strong room no person is allowed as votes are confidential ] . His work is done.Now another voter comes and votes to Bjp. Another voter comes and votes to Bsp and so on.But the evm machine will show all the votes to Aap party due to the  codes applied on Evm Machine.


                                               “Now there are some drawbacks”

1.The Evm machine which has been showed for Demonstration it can be designed by any Electronic college student.

2.In this Evm machine there can be a chip which is designed for this codes.

3.what is the proof  that this Evm machine had been used in voting booth.

4.What if the motherboard of Evm machine has changed to demonstrate this example.

5.Aap  demonstrator’S are pointing only to Bjp , something looks Nasty.