EastExpress – the best way to import services from any part of the world

International shipping of goods or services could be a no brainer for some, but for most, it can get very complicated as there are a number of variables in the whole shipping process.

The process is very complicated and may involve various parties like the custom brokers, the local truckers, the steamship lines, the freight forwarders, rail companies, and many more.

Apart from this, communication barriers and the difference in culture could prove to be an even greater obstacle that needs to be tackled. Additionally, the rules and regulation can slow down the shipments if it is your first time or if you have no prior experience and knowledge that will ensure that the whole shipping procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

So, to help make this whole process easier, we have written this article that summarises the basics of the international shipping experience, especially from an importers’ point of view.

How to Import Goods From China To Indonesia without Hassle?

EastExpress.co.id is the solution to any of your forwarding services issues. The service provides you with different sizes of load services so that you can choose between a smaller load carrier or a larger load carrier according to your convenience.

Since the company has warehouses in Indonesia and China, which ensures that cost-effective manufacturing processes are followed, and therefore, this provides lower prices for you.

The service also recognises the importance of reliable suppliers from whom you can buy trustworthy products, thus, if you do not have a reliable supplier in China, then EastExpress service provides you with reliable suppliers from whom you can order goods.

Why EastExpress Is Best?

The EastExpress service believes that they only exist to provide consumer satisfaction. They provide you with a secure import service by allowing the user dashboard to show you where your products are at any point in time so that you have a hands-on tracking facility to make your job easier.

The EastExpress service provides you with a fast delivery service within 30 days, ensuring that your products get delivered to you on time. The EastExpress service provides you with a warranty period, which ensures that you get reimbursement if you lose your services during the transport.

This ensures that you do not face a monetary loss on top of the loss of services that you have faced. EastExpress accepts small orders to meet your requirements so that you do not have to wait for bulk demands to place large orders.

The customs clearance process in Indonesia is complicated. The EastExpress services will aid you in the process of customs clearance, and ensure that your products do not spend a lot of time getting detained in custom clearance. The warehouses in China help to ensure that your goods have the promised quality and quantity.

The goods will be kept in good condition, and the company will make the loading process faster. The EastExpress service provides a large number of shipments which allow for greater space for your goods so that they are delivered to you in proper condition.

The FAQ centre answers all the basic questions that you might have about any import or forwarding services, and thus, helps to build a more interactive consumer service, and increase the trust of the consumer with the brand.


The EastExpress service has been designed to make the consumer the king and put your satisfaction as its highest priority. The warranty, speedy delivery, lower prices, the different sizes of orders as per your requirement, all add to the value of the service.

The hands-on tracking experience, the easy customs clearance process in Indonesia, and the warehouses in China that keep track of the quality of the goods are just some of the selling points of this forwarding service.