Delhivery awards ESOPs worth Rs 46.3 Cr to 66 employees

Logistics and supply chain services company Delhivery immediately after submitting its draft Red Hering Prospectus (DRHP) allocated new ESOPs to over five dozen former and existing employees to raise 7,460 billion rupees through an initial public offering (IPO).

Delhivery has passed a special resolution to allot 66 employees, upon exercise of their stock options, 12.17,500 shares valued at Rs.46.3 billion, the company’s regulatory records show.

Sanjay Rao, Hrishikesh Kelkar, Sabyasachi Senapati and Vikram Khurana are the major beneficiaries of this ESOP grant with 215,000 shares valued at 8.2 billion rupees, 172,000 shares valued at 6.53 billion rupees, 92,000 shares valued at 3.5 billion rupees Billion rupees and 64,000 stocks valued at 2.44 billion rupees.

Importantly, Delhivery was on the 2nd. Each share was valued at Rs 380 based on the last grant.

Only last month had Delhivery bonus shares issued to shareholders for whom around 90 natural and legal persons are listed as recipients of the shares.

The company, led by Sahil Barua, raised over $ 500 million this year. Lee Fixel’s addition had a. guided $ 125 million Round in September.

In July, the Gurugram-based company took $ 100 million led by FedEx Express and $ 277 million in May. The company has raised $ 1.44 billion to date and has been valued at around $ 3 billion from May 2021.

Started as an e-commerce-focused logistics company, Delhivery has developed into a full-stack logistics and supply chain solution provider. Services include express parcel delivery, heavy cargo delivery, and warehousing. The company claims to have 20 fully and semi-automated sorting centers and 86 gateways across India.

In its DRHP, Delhivery Limited reported a 31% jump in its operating income of Rs 3,646.5 crore in FY21 from Rs 2,780.5 crore in the previous fiscal year. During the reporting period, net losses increased from Rs 269 billion in FY20 to Rs 415.7 billion in FY21.

Delhivery also released sales and loss figures for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, ie Q1 GY22. The company had sales of Rs 1.318 billion and a total loss of Rs 129.6 billion for the three months (April-June).

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