How to Boost WordPress Website’s Loading Speed by 200 % [ 2018 Special Method ]

As Google States , ” That page loading speed is an SEO ranking signal.”

Basically, Speed Optimization Is very important For Every website, Isn’t it ?. We all Like To Visit Fast Website, but It also Implies to Our Website.

………Make Your Site Online Version of Batman [ Another Lame Attempt to make you guys laugh ]…

But, Seriously Do You like a slow website?

I bet You will say ” No.”
………And You will be Like, ” Mate, I hate them.”

P.s: Just Guessing !! by the way I too hate them

As Google States that, “Every Website Should Load Within 4 Seconds.”

And it is true, If the website is taking more then 4 Seconds, You will be Like, “Screw this Site”..I am not going to revisit this site.

Website speed became a ranking factor in April 2010 giving a profoundly high preference to speed to serve their users better.

Now: Some Practical Examples

I have seen many posts that their traffic gradually increased due to their website optimisation. As backlinko states that, “Website Speed is an important ingredient in On Page Seo.

One of My Friend has seen 200 % Growth in his traffic as well as Ranking. By merely tweaking things, and he optimised his site Like a charm.

Suppose: How Effective website speed Is !!

You are On the Number 2 position in Google Search Engine, But the number 1 position website speed is getting slow day by day.

The user has to wait more than 4 seconds, to Load the site’s article, but on the other hand, your site which is Loading in just 2 seconds.

So the visitor will Love to Visit Your website, Instead of Slow Site. Isn’t that Obvious!!

So Google Will Automatically Drag You in the number 1 Position, As Your site is more user-friendly.

Do you Like Your Site To Load Slow?
Probably not, because if you don’t like visiting slow loading’s certainly not fair for your sites to load slowly.

And It is the worst thing that can happen to Your website.So Here is the article that will help You all to make your website Speed Like Batman <3

So without Further Ado Lets Get started.

Plugin Required :

1. Wp-Rocket

2. Wp-smush

P.s: Nothing Else

So Without Further Ado Lets Get Started

What You Will Learn :

  • Ideal Wp-rocket Settings.
  • Cloudflare Settings.
  • Optimise Images.
  • Results


Here I will Cover All Things that I have Done For Increasing My Website Speed.

So, First Of all, Let’s Jump into Settings Of Wp-rocket.

1) Install WP-Rocket Plugin.

2) Go To Sitelocity, Enter Your Site Url into the Box Click Generate button

�(It will take some time, so leave that tab open, go back to your WP Dashboard)�

3) Open WP Rockets Settings and check following options.

Wp Rocket Settings
Wp Rocket Settings

4) Then go to static files tab and check following options.

Wp Rocket Setting
Wp Rocket Setting

5) The go back to Sitelocity and copy everything in “Critical Path CSS” box.

Critical Path CSS
Critical Path CSS

6) Paste the codes here.

Paste Critical path css
Paste Critical path css

7) Go to CDN tab and check “Show Cloudflare settings tab.”

8) Go to database tab and check everything.

Wp Rocket Database Setting
Wp Rocket Database Setting

10) Go to preload tab activate everything.(Optional)

11) Go to Varnish Tab and check the “Purge Varnish cache automatically” option.

But…But when You Paste this in Critical path CSS, Sometimes
Your Site may get broken.

P.s: It happened to my fellow Friend

It worked Like Charm For Me; It Depends If it is not Working Untick the Box Load CSS files asynchronously.
After this Setting, Go Pagespeed Check The Score of Your Site.

P.s: Now It will Show that Images are not optimized [ Yes or Not ]

Install: Wp Smush [ Bulk Smush all Your Images]

Download Full Report Provided by Pagespeed, after that Open the Folder You will Find out All the Images that are not compressed.

Download every image form Your Library, Go to High compressor or Tinypng.Compress it twice [ One time with tiny Png and One time with High compressor ]

After that Open Your Ftp Or Cpanel :

Go to wp – Content —> Theme —> Images.Paste All this compressed Image and replace the Original Image.Now Your Logo, Download the Image and Compress it Like hell, and Upload it again.

Important Point: Whenever You are uploading any thumbnail For the Post, try to compress it to 100 k.b max.

After all this Thing :

Go To Cloudflare : [ If You are Not using It, Do Use there are many tutorials which will Help You To Install Cloudflare ]

Ok Moving On [ P.s: I hope You are not Getting Bored -,- ]

After this Go To DNS:

Put this Mx Values as follow :

In Order :
1.Mx —-> Name = @ —- > Server —->ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM —–> Priority 1 —–> 5 Minutes
2.Mx—-> Name = @ —-> Server —> ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM —–> Priority 5 —> 5 minutes


Note: Do Not Put all the MX value Put only 3.

Reason: If Your Server Stop working this server’s Will Work On Behalf.

Now After this Go To Speed :

1.Enable All Minify.

2.Make Rocket Loader – Automatic.

Now Go To Wp-rocket Again.

Make sure that everything is working Fine, Check that website in not Broken.

After that Go To CloudFlare :

Paste your Cloudflare email and API (Get it from here- Cloudflare Support) in the boxes & click save changes.�

Cloudfare Settings
Cloudflare Settings

Now again in CF tab change the settings according to below screenshot.�


Cloudfare Setting
Cloudflare Setting

Now Follow This :

open htaccess file and paste following two codes.

(Yoast>Tools>File editor> scroll down to find htaccess file editor )

(Make sure you paste them into the starting of the code not ending)

Browser Caching- Copy the Text 

Enable gzip compression- Copy the Text

Install this plugin- Wp Disable all embeds Emoji

Note : Activate all three options.

More Important Points I would Like To Add

1.Reduce the number of plugins

2.Add expire header code in your htaccess file.

Ps. : Already Provided

Use google analytics instead of jetpack (Do you know jetpack suck in speed)

Most important– Use lightweight theme like Genesis framework
Check The Result Now <3

Results: It Includes Gtmetrix, Pingdom, And Google Pagespeed.

Gtmetrix Score :
Gt metrix Score
Gt metrix Score
Pingdom Score :
Pingdom Score
Pingdom Score


Pagespeed Score :




Conclusion :

Hope It Will Help to many People, Most the Time It will Work.Do Not Play with Htaccess File; It may result in 500 error or server down.

So with that said, We Learn’t New Thing Again. Do Subscribe To Our Website, and Share the article. Till Then


Special Thanks to Manthan Dudeja  and  Arnab Mohapatra for helping me write this wonderful article