Best Network Cable Tester 2019

Best Network Cable Tester 2019

A network cable tester is a quite handy tool that helps the users in testing the strength and connectivity of a particular connection. Apart from technicians of communications, it is also used by owners of homes to test the performance of high-speed cables. The best network cable tester is quite easy to use and doesn’t require any professional skills to control. However, the only mind wrecking thing is finding out the correct model in the pool consisting of hundreds of units. You must be smart enough to choose the correct one according to your requirements from it.

What are the different types of network testers?

We are quite aware of the fact that the network cable testers are available in a wide range of sizes and features. They vary from one another in the aspects of price, application, and performance. You must also be aware of the variety of network cable testers available in the market.

Cable certification testers

These type of testers gives the details regarding the pass or fails about the connection in compliance along with the standards set for the industry itself. The organization that sets the capabilities of transmission in the US is the Telecommunications Industry Association, established by the International Organization for Standards in the global market.

Cable Qualification Testers

The tool that assists in tests for finding out whether the present cable is ideal for supporting the needs of the connection or not. The connection may be a voice over the internet protocol, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet. Moreover, these tools can even let the network technicians isolating the issues of cabling in the network protocol.

Cable verification testers

The main motive of this testers is ensuring that the wires in a cable are a connection to the right termination points. They are also capable of performing essential functions. Also, it helps in troubleshooting as it offers a toner that can help find a cabling link.


Top 10 best network cable tester


  • Fluke Networks MS2-FTK MicroScanner2 Network Cable Tester and Fiber Tester


  • Fluke Networks CIQ-FTKSFP Network Cable Tester


  • Fluke Networks CIQ-KIT CableIQ Network Cable Tester Kit with Tone Generator


  • Fluke Networks CIQ-KRQ CableIQ Network Cable Tester


  • NETSCOUT LRAT-2000 LinkRunner AT Copper and Fiber Ethernet Network Tester


  • Fluke Networks FTK1000 SimpliFiber Pro Multimode Fiber Verification Kit


  • Fluke Networks DTX-1800-MSO 120-GLD DTX-1800 Kit


  • HDE RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 Cat5 Cat6 UTP Network Cable Tester


  • Fluke Networks MS2-TTK MicroScanner2 Network Cable Tester Kit


  • Fluke Networks MS2-KIT Network Cable Tester Kit


Buyers guide for a best network cable tester

We must keep in mind some essential points and traits before buying any network cable tester. You also need to be well aware of the fact that which cable needs testing before buying the cable tester. The things you need to consider about the testers are :

  • Verification

This type of tester helps to check the connectivity of wires.

  • Qualification

It gives details that what type of data is transferred by the cable along with verification tester data.

  • Certification

These types of testers perform sophisticated functions and +are the best one to buy.

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